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Hurricane Hoaxes

September 2, 2019 admin 0

Hurricane hoaxes: “Hurricanes, just like floods or earthquakes, are commonly surrounded by hoaxes and might trigger the sharing of false information,” writes Cristina Tardaguila. Make sure you know where to find official information.   Visit the Ethics AdviceLine blog for more.

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Seeking The Under 35 Reader

September 3, 2019 admin 0

Seeking the under 35 reader: A Reuters Institute report finds young people prefer social media and news aggregators over traditional broadcast or print media. They use news to fulfill social and personal needs. They don’t seek news; it comes to them.   Visit the Ethics AdviceLine blog for more.

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Ethics Puzzler; You Decide

September 4, 2019 admin 0

Ethics puzzler; you decide: Three California universities paid the Orange County Register $275.000 for a year’s worth of weekly sections featuring campus life. A smart way to raise revenue, or a serious breach of journalism ethics? From the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists archives.…or-ethics-breach/ Visit the Ethics AdviceLine blog […]

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Ethics Quiz

September 5, 2019 admin 0

Ethics quiz: What major journalism organization voted unanimously — twice — to adopt its code of ethics at its 1973 annual convention? Strange but true. You’re really smart if you can answer this.     Visit the Ethics AdviceLine blog for more.