Peter Lisagor Awards

The Chicago Headline Club’s Peter Lisagor Awards are an annual celebration of the best journalism produced throughout the region, spanning all mediums including print, radio, television and digital.

Anne Keegan Award

The Anne Keegan Award for distinguished journalism reflecting the dignity and spirit of the common man will be presented to writers whose work appears in print, or on established journalism websites, who tell stories of ordinary people in extraordinarily well-reported and well-written prose.

Watchdog Award

Sponsored by the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the CHC each year awards a cash prize for enterprising journalism that defends and protects everyday folks.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Chicago Headline Club Lifetime Achievement Award is an annual award recognizing journalists for their extraordinary contribution to the community and/or the profession. The Lifetime Achievement Award honors those journalists who tirelessly work to cover, report, edit and tape the news day in and day out.