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Mug Shot Fairness

February 17, 2021 admin 0 image   By Casey Bukro Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists In a history spanning centuries of reporting the news, newspapers have never been good at forgetting or looking away. But now they are beginning to learn how to do that for humanitarian reasons, or to curtail their interest in past […]

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Two Views of Objectivity

February 10, 2021 admin 0

    By Hugh Miller and Casey Bukro Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists Think of objectivity as a philosopher, by definition a person engaged in the study of reality. Now think of objectivity as a journalist concerned with ethics, the search for right or good conduct. This article will travel down […]

Christine Wolf on Why the Chicago Headline Club Matters

February 5, 2021 Christine Wolf 0

The #WeAreTheHeadlineClub campaign⁠—designed by photographer E. Jason Wambsgans⁠—is an effort to give our brand and our members more exposure. You’ll see these photos and questions across social media over the next few months, anchored to pages like these. Our spotlight this month is on Christine Wolf, a freelance journalist, biographer, memoir coach, and […]

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Watch What You Tweet

February 3, 2021 admin 0

By Casey Bukro Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists To tweet or not to tweet, that seems to be the question involving Lauren Wolfe, dismissed by the New York Times for reasons not totally explained. At first, it looked like Wolfe was fired for tweeting she had “chills” watching President-elect Joe Biden’s […]