Listen online to ‘Social Media for Journalists’

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Download audio from our ‘Social Media for Journalists’ program here.

Amazing, powerful new tools are coming online that help working journalists advance their reporting as never before. We’ve all seen how Twitter and Facebook have taken their place as legitimate journalism tools, but there are constant improvements and introductions of new services, so it can be difficult to keep up.

Barbara Iverson, journalism professor at Columbia College Chicago, has been a leader in social media applications almost from the beginning of the art form. In this ninety-minute seminar, developed exclusively for the Chicago Headline Club, Iverson demonstrates how to get beyond the basics, using social media to help track down leads and advance stories quickly especially when tight deadlines are involved.

And it’s not just the old standbys. Powerful new tools such as Storify help journalists gather publicly available elements from Flickr, YouTube, Blip, Twitter and others as events are breaking.  These services help journalists retain their traditional roles as the people who “sort out” complicated situations and report reliable information to the public.

So if you’re a working journalist full or part time, staff or freelance, this seminar can help sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge and speed your news-gathering abilities.