Board Minutes – 12/2002


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

December 17, 2002

President Molly McDonough called the meeting to order at 8 a.m.

Present: Molly, Vice President Ben Bradley, Vice President Phil Kadner, Vice President John Camden and Secretary Susan S. Stevens.

John said about 200 pieces of mail came back from the last mailing and he is trying to clean up the list. Molly said the newsletter probably would go into the mail next week. New target date for publishing the membership director is January or February. Chuck Uhlie is working on the newsletter and Holly Presson on the website. Molly asks that board members check the website for style issues and fill her in. She wants to send e-mail to members with links to the site.

Molly met with Casey Bukro and the Loyola group the previous week. They are developing a brochure. The ethicists want to become more involved in programs and other things, including the Region 5 SPJ meeting Sat. Feb. 8. They will do a lunch program. IRE will provide much of the other programming that day, which will be at Medill in Evanston. Also planned by the ethicists: a column for the website and setting up an advisory board of name journalists. Carol Marin will participate, and nine similar journalists are being sought.

Ben is gearing up. Feb. 7 Burger Nite will be the opening reception for Region 5’s meeting. Many out-of-town journalists want to visit Billy Goat’s. The regional will cost $50, $30 for students. A $20-25 option is a computer-assisted reporting workshop that will be a half-day Sun. Feb. 9. We might admit free to the CAR training the first 10 people to join the Headline Club.

Fri. Oct. 3 will be opening night and awards presentation. Oct. 17 will be another meet and greet Friday evening, the next day will be professional workshops. An Oct. 31 brown bag lunch will wind it up. It will be simpler next year, though Christine Tatum reported 850 at this year’s events, 730 of them unique.

Ben’s focus as president will be on mentoring.

Phil gave us an outline of the agenda for the meeting scheduled the following day with Illinois Atty. Gen.-Elect Lisa Madigan. He delivered a full report on the meeting to us by e-mail afterward.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens