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Obama: Promises Kept, Promises Broken

September 25, 2010 0

Before assessments of Obama’s presidency were made, Ponce asked each of the panelists their thoughts about Mayor Daley’s decision not to seek re-election. All agreed that whoever replaces Daley has a rough road ahead.
Green said that the race would evolve into a type of “tribal politics” with different ethnic and…

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Thanks to CHC, Intern Had “Dream Job”

September 21, 2010 0

Now back at Columbia, where she expects to earn a master’s degree in December, Sarah isn’t sure what her next move will be. Her unpaid internship at the Sun-Times brought her a lot of recognition and a talk with Editor Don Hayner, but no job offer.
The clips that helped…

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So, how do you REALLY feel about the Blago trial?

September 11, 2010 0

“Confusing” is the word Cameron, Paul Meincke of ABC-7 News and Mike Tarm of The Associated Press used separately to describe the prosecution presentation. “Too complicated” is the description given by Jeff Coen of the Chicago Tribune.
Tarm believes the defense counted on the jury being confused journalists were. For…

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Hyperlocal Journalism: Inside the Patch

September 10, 2010 0

UPDATED (Sept. 24) Holly Edgell is unable to make tonight’s event. Dennis Robaugh – Chicago Regional Editor for Patch will appear in her place.
UPDATED (Sept. 13) A Patch recruiter will be attending
WHAT: The Society of Professional Journalists’ Digital Media Committee is proud to present an evening of exploration into…

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New Credentials Policy

September 3, 2010 0

It all happened in about five minutes Thursday afternoon after Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) gaveled the meeting open.
Roderick Drew, director of news affairs for the Chicago Police Department, testified that the new policies were written in consultation with members of the news media and after looking at information from the…