Board Minutes – 03/2010


Board Meeting

March 12, 2010

Present: Howard Dubin, Kristen Schorsch, Kristen McQueary, Steve Franklin, Stephen Edwards, Sue Stevens, Micah Maidenberg, Ken Davis, Kathy Catrambone, Abdon Pallasch, Flynn McRoberts, Hilary Fosdal

Minutes were approved with the following corrections: 1) the SPJ Region 5 conference conflicts with a conference being held by APME/MPI NewsTrain conference. 2) Howard continues to be concerned about the budget.

The board welcomed back Bonnie McGrath and AP George Garties. The board nominated and voted in Adrienne Samuels Gibbs to replace Steven Gray. Wes Bleed’s future on the board is uncertain at this time and is pending him finding employment that does not pose a conflict with his duties to the CHC.

Howard Dubin provided the board with a printed statement of the treasurer’s report that stated the club’s assets as of 3/11/10 at $105,690.

“The is the high balance of the year because it contains the Lisagor entry fees of $21,744 with a little more to come-Expenses are right in line with the budget-The board did vote for a balanced budget-A reminder: The Chicago Headline Club Foundation did receive a $15,000 grant from the Richard Driehaus Foundation on July 10,2009 and the only grant was $468 to Dave Glowacz in August 2009.”

The board will work to promote and publicize the grant.

There was discussion regarding Kathy Catrambone’s upcoming unpaid months. The board previously voted that the Chicago Headline Club’s executive director would not be paid in May and June in order to achieve a balanced budget. Many board members would like further clarification on how Kathy is paid and how her hours are allocated.

Beth provided her report via email: 

“Konrad Report

  First, thank you Susan Stevens for presiding in my absence and for attending the Medill Court case with an updated e-blast.

  There are several items on the agenda which require some board discussion including a possible Lisagor dinner price increase, a new board member nomination, current board member retention (Wes) and the continuation with the Digital Media Training Institute.

  I will support the concensus of the board regarding these decisions but do have some comments. Lisagors: Kathy and I have met with the catering director at the Union League and she will fill you in with her report. We now have two very active committees, Watchdog and Lifetime which are in deliberations.

  I do still have the list of board members who want to give advice and comment to the actual program agenda and will have a meeting with all in the next two weeks. Digital Meeting Training Institute: I am in strong favor of continuing this type of programming next year and possibly adding a fourth component- computer assisted research. I have had some informal conversations with Google and two computer research experts at Loyola. This would be a terrific opportunity for our members and a needed service. It also has funding possibilities as does the entire training institute concept.

  FUNDING partnerships concerning this and ethics will be explored in a phone conference call with the McCormick Foundation March 15th. Kathy and I will be talking to two journalism program officers. These discussions are preliminary and I will keep the Board closed involved and informed. Board Nominations: I have put my candidate’s nomination in place and Kathy will distribute the candidate’s bio.

  SPJ Regional: In discussions with National and Heather Porter, we are all set with logistics and programs. Ben Bradley will be the keynote lunch speaker. Hilary is spearheading one of the key panels programs and I will be part of a panel on student journalists and reporter’s rights. Thus far, we are expecting between 75 to 100 attendees.

  Scripps institute: Susan and I have discussed this and she has more information in her report.

  That wraps up my comments and reports, Thanks for your understanding concerning my absence. Have a productive meeting and a great weekend, and thank you for your valuable service.


An eblast will be sent to ask members for a nomination recommendation for the Watchdog Award. Steven Edwards suggested that the Stevenson High School be considered as a possibly nominee for the Ethics Award.

The DMTI survey received an overwhelmingly positive response. The most frequent comment was the request to hold courses more than once a year.

This year’s Lisagors dinner is 4.5% more expensive than last year. We will be cutting the AV cost of $2,099. Several meals will be comped i.e., Lifetime Award winners, MCs and speakers. The board voted on the ticket prices for this year’s awards: $65 for members, $85 for non-members and $800 for tables of 10 non-members. There will be a raffle, items to be raffled off have yet to be collected, and tickets will cost $5 per ticket or 3 tickets for $10.

Kathy reported that our judging of reciprocal chapter awards is going well.

An e-blast was sent out to members with an update on the Northwestern University journalism students court case involving the Medill Innocence Project.

The slating and membership party will take place at Manny’s Deli located at 1141 S. Jefferson St. on May 20 at 5:30 p.m.

Micah reported that we have 10 new members. We will be promoting membership during Lisagors. Burger Night with Brian Pitts had 18-20 people in attendance. Next April will be the last Burger Night of the year and Micah will be the host.

The slating committee which is responsible for nominating people for next year’s board will be Abdon Pallasch, Beth Konrad and Sue Stevens.

The National SPJ and Sigma Delta Chi Foundation are working to promote the understanding of journalism ethics in the community. Grants of $2,500 will be awarded to chapters interested in holding programs that encourage dialogue with news consumers on issues of journalistic ethics.


-Hilary Fosdal