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Remember Your First FOIA?

December 1, 2012 FOIA Illinois 0

Robyn Dexter, a journalism major at Eastern Illinois University, wrote a column for The Daily Eastern reflecting on her first encounter with FOIAs in a Computer-Assisted Reporting class. Her conclusion? Among many other things, we’ve learned that persistence is the ultimate key to acquiring desired information. Amen, sister. [Read the […]

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Judge Orders DHS To Release More FOIA’d Docs

December 4, 2012 FOIA Illinois 0

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security, must release more documents in response to a FOIA request from the American Immigration Council, a federal judge has ruled. USCIS took almost a year to release a portion of the data requested by the watchdog group, […]

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Center for Open Government Loses Funding

December 7, 2012 FOIA Illinois 1

Sad news today for transparency advocates in Chicago. We’ve just received word that the Center for Open Government, a legal support network based at the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law that has provided FOIA support to since 2009, has lost funding for next year and is currently wrapping up operations. […]

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Bloomberg Revisits Obama FOIA Audit

December 20, 2012 FOIA Illinois 0

A nomination on Bloomberg’s web editor 2012 best-of roundup is a good occasion to revisit the audit they conducted of the Obama administration by filing and tracking FOIA requests with 20 cabinet-level agencies. Of those, 19 failed to respond to requests for travel cost information completely or in the prescribed […]

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Increase in FOIA Requests, Denials From Bush to Obama Administrations

December 27, 2012 FOIA Illinois 0

President Obama’s administration has fielded more FOIA-related complaints than former President George W. Bush did during his second term, according to multiple year-end reports. Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse reports that the Obama administration has received 28 percent more Freedom of Information Act requests during the previous two years […]

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Statement on Illinois prisons

December 21, 2012 0

The Illinois Department of Corrections has responded to news media requests for prison visits by denying individual journalists access to prison facilities and instead offering guided group tours.
The Chicago Headline Club, the single largest voice for journalists in Illinois, is deeply concerned by this decision and urges Illinois officials to…