Center for Open Government Loses Funding

Sad news today for transparency advocates in Chicago. We’ve just received word that the Center for Open Government, a legal support network based at the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law that has provided FOIA support to since 2009, has lost funding for next year and is currently wrapping up operations.

The Center has been a valuable resource for Chicago journalists, independent investigators and advocates, especially in challenging closed government operations through the Illinois Open Meetings Act and using FOIA, and provided valuable legal assistance.

We’ve heard from a source that the center is now in the process of transferring and closing cases before they close their doors for good.

The Citizen Advocacy Center, a transparency nonprofit in suburban Elmhurst, can meet many of the needs served by the Center for Open Government, but it’s more than 15 miles ¬†at 182 N. York St.

We’ll update as we get more information. If you have a tip or want to share a success story from the Center, shoot us an email at

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  1. What a shame that the Federal and/or the State Government cannot come up with $200,000 OR less to keep this Center open.
    This Center for Open Government should be a federal and/or state government funded Center – via Grants.
    If the citizens had real transparency into the government and taxing bodies, then there would be no need for FOIAs which are designed to specifically get transparency into the operations of the various public bodies.
    However, no government or taxing body wants anyone to have access to an organization that can assist the general public to push any public body in having to disclose information that the government or taxing body wants to keep covered up.
    This Center is also one that allows Law students to get their feet wet in legal research by assisting on various projects which is good training.
    Your Comments would be appreciated.
    Also, if you have a source of funding – individuals and/or organizations you should contact the Center to see how you can help keep it in operation.
    Disclaimer: I am not an employee,student, or other individual in the organization. rather, I am an individual that believes in honest transparency into government and taxing bodies.

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