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Springfield Changes FOIA Policy

August 1, 2013 FOIA Illinois 1

WICS News in Springfield reports that an investigation from the station titled “Ready, Set, Shred” has prompted the city to change its FOIA policies. WICS’s eight-week investigation found evidence that the city destroyed documents the same day it answered a FOIA request saying those documents didn’t exist. On Wednesday, WICS […]

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Sparland, Illinois Found ‘In Violation’ of State FOIA Law

August 6, 2013 admin 0

More FOIA problems for a non-Chicago Illinois city. This time, the village of Sparland, near Peoria, was found “in violation” of state FOIA law following a complaint from a resident whose request for meeting agendas was ignored. Village Clerk Cora Ulrich toldĀ  the Journal Star: “I guess I’ve been baptized” […]

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Rescind the order, judge

August 31, 2013 0

The ability of a journalist to protect his/her sources when necessary is a crucial tool in the collection of information to establish facts and verify truth. 
The CHC strongly opposes Will County Circuit Judge Gerald Kinney’s order that Joseph Hosey of violate his promise of confidentiality by revealing sources for his stories…