Gov. Quinn, veto HB 3796‏

The Chicago Headline Club is dismayed by the quick action taken by the Illinois legislature on HB 3796, which puts new limitations on the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

In essence, the bill, if signed by Gov. Pat Quinn, “…adds provisions to the Freedom of Information Act to create a category of requests called “Voluminous Requests.”  This is in addition to the other provisions in the FOIA that enable public bodies to negotiate FOIA requests, which are the recurrent requester provision and the unduly burdensome provision.”

What it does is add another barrier that blocks transparency by public agencies.

The Chicago Headline Club urges Gov. Quinn to veto the measure so that Illinois residents can have open access to public records and proceedings at open meetings.

“This bill undermines the transparency of public agencies,” Fernando Diaz, president of the Chicago Headline Club said.  “It is imperative that Gov. Quinn maintain a posture of open and transparent public official by vetoing this bill.”