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By Casey Bukro

Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists

These are tough times for much of journalism, and newspaper and broadcasting executives are reacting by resorting to controversial ways to raise revenue.

Journalists called The Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists for answers to these examples: A North Caroline publisher said he has a conflict with his editor over an advertiser suggesting stories. A Michigan newspaper offered free news stories about any company that bought an advertising package. A New York broadcasting station’s management told its news staff to give favorable news coverage to local advertisers.

These are a few of many cases like it. Has the traditional firewall between the news and business departments broken down, and is that good or bad?


The Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists was founded in 2001 by the Chicago Headline Club (Chicago Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists) and Loyola University Chicago Center for Ethics and Social Justice. It partnered with the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2013. It is a free service.

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