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CHC Board Meeting: March 4, 2022

March 4, 2022 Susan Stevens 0

CHICAGO HEADLINE CLUB Board of Directors meeting Fri. March. 4, 2022 President Amanda Vinicky called the Zoom meeting to order at 9 a.m. Also present: Greg Karp, Howard Dubin, Blair Chavez, Nader Issa, Maya Duksamova, Jason Martin, Matt Kiefer, Molly McDonough, Mike Ewing, Tahman Bradley, Catherine Larkin, Nona Tepper, Olivia […]

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Contract: Video Production

March 26, 2022 Matt Kiefer 0

The Chicago Headline Club is seeking a producer to help process videos from FOIA Fest 2022. The work requires producing ~30 session videos, which involves: making one cut adding pre-written metadata, including title and description uploading video to YouTube or similar service Work is estimated to take no more than […]

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Blogging Ethics

March 30, 2022 admin 0 image By Casey Bukro Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists. Case study: Is it ethical to publish, in an online magazine, emails and blog posts forwarded to the magazine? That was the question an Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists advisor got from a student who is the executive editor of an online […]

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Branding: Meta and WMX

March 17, 2022 admin 0

tw.stock image By Casey Bukro Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists Rebranding is a big deal for any company, a decision that can make or break a company. It’s also an occasion for a company leader to show how powerful he or she is. It’s usually their decision. Facebook founder Mark […]