Be a Mentor

Interested? Contact Jon Seidel at
A handful of Chicagoland journalists took advantage last year of an opportunity to up their game and improve the overall quality of the region’s journalism by volunteering to mentor others.
Now Chicago Headline Club members have found new sources of encouragement, new friends and new employees through the CHC’s informal mentoring program.
First, we’d like to thank all the veterans who devoted their time to this effort last year. Now, we’re going to ask you to help out again.
Not only are we looking for members who want a fresh set of eyes on their work, but we’re looking for mentors who want to make sure Chicago journalism is second-to-none and stays that way.
Commitment depends on you. Some people want to swap a few e-mails. Others are looking for some face time. Let us know what you are interested in.
This program can be whatever you want it to be. We’re just here to make the connection.
Anyone who wants to assist the region’s up-and-comers, and any Headline Club member hunting for a mentor can contact Jon Seidel at