WHAT: The Chicago Headline Club Foundation is a separate 502(c)(3) Illinois corporation entitled to receive tax deductible contributions. It legally may give grants for scholarships, internships and professional development programs.

WHY: In this time of change and challenges, education is more important than ever to journalists. The foundation works to improve journalism by helping students complete their degrees and by sponsoring professional development programs for journalists.

WHO: The foundation is operated by a board of directors, which includes at least one member of the Chicago Headline Club board. The 2010 directors are: Diane Monk; president; Howard S. Dubin, treasurer; Susan S. Stevens, secretary; Rob Hess; Beth Konrad and Jim O’Brien.

WHEN: In 1999, the Headline Club board established two intern stipends, which replaced the club’s longstanding scholarship program. The stipends are awards to students who have secured unpaid internships and might not otherwise be able to afford to accept them. The grants to interns were established in memory of Chicago journalists Mary McAndrew and Kathy McClelland.

HOW: The foundation receives an annual $10,000 grant from the Driehaus Foundation to support investigative reporting through the Driehaus Watchdog Awards. The foundation also raises money to fund its grants to interns.

The foundation needs your help in publicizing its grants, and in continuing to raise funds to support its intern stipends and other educational programs. We hope you will join us!


Chicago Headline Club Foundation

1633 Central Street

Evanston, IL 60201




The CHC’s charitable activities are supported by the Chicago Headline Club Foundation, a sister organization which raises money for scholarships and professional development activities.


The CHCF has given stipends to one or two students each year since 2000. The stipends go to students who otherwise would be unable to afford to accept unpaid or very low paying internships in the Chicago area.


The Foundation’s board members are:
Diane Monk
Rob Hess
Howard Dubin
Susan Stevens

The Foundation’s directors are:

Randi Belisomo
Work: (773) 270-6654
Home: (773) 269-8685

Priscilla Ruth MacDougall
Cell: (847) 204-4238