Board Minutes – 01/2004


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

January 13, 2004

President Ex-Officio Molly McDonough called the meeting to order at 9 a.m.

Present: Molly, Phil Kadner, Bob Roberts, Meg Tebo, Casey Bukro, Ameet Sachdev, Jason Jedlinski, Scott Keenan, Stephen Rynkiewicz and Susan S. Stevens.

President Ex-Officio’s report: Molly said the Headline Club Foundation’s paperwork was going in the mail that day. She’s looking for new foundation board members. For Lisagor, Molly said Bob Schieffer confirmed as speaker. Art Menke is working on the high school journalism contest.

Ethics: Casey said Susan and Mary Myers, former president and board member, were added to the Ethics Team and attended 10 hours of training in December. Since then, he and Howard Dubin have been working on promotion and marketing. Four-thousand letters with eight wallet cards in each were sent to newsrooms. An e-mail campaign is planned. A poster is being developed. $9,000 of a $10,000 SDX Foundation grant is mandated for marketing and promotion.

Deadline for Ethics in Journalism Award is Feb. 13. If you have anyone you want nominated, please do so. Pass on the word.
A Feb. 17 Brown Bag luncheon is being worked up by Ethics Team member Jim Burke. Casey suggests Tom Buck, author of “The Buck Stops Here,” for a Meet&Greet.

Ethics in Journalism Week is being promoted by SPJ, which might give us $1,000 to work up a program of our choosing in a week of our choosing. Molly suggested another reverse news conference with Community Media Workshop. She also suggested a stock line on all CHC e-mails referring to the Ethics AdviceLine.

Minutes: December’s were approved.

FOI: Phil reported a follow-up on the CHC board vote approving $5,000 toward a lawsuit against the Joliet Archidiocese. He got a $2,000 commitment from the Daily Southtown and will check with the SJP Legal Defense Foundation again to make sure it’s committed before asking other papers. He’s asking for volunteers to solicit other outlets.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to meet next month. Phil says her current people are not doing an aggressive job of reaching out to the community. Example: not everyone can be heard on one tape required by the new Verbatim Records Law. Phil wonders if there’s any spot-checking.

Bob said oral arguments on the Hosty-Governors State University case were before the 7th Circuit the previous week. No date was set for a ruling. He is optimistic because of the questions asked, though the 7th has not been favorable in the past. The case has a huge meaning for student media.

Vacancies: Andrew Dunning of the Beverly Review and Anupy Singla of Bloomberg TV were approved to fill the board seats of Chris Fusco and Melita Garza. We still need to fill Lucio Guerrera’s seat, but can’t choose a president-elect until the next membership election. More minority candidates for the board will be sought.

Lisagor: Steve said Weston River North, the former Nikko, will be the venue. Entry deadline 1-16. A sorting party will be at 5 p.m. Wed. Jan. 21 in Campbell Hall at Tribune Tower. Bring your friends.

Adjournment: 9:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens