Board Minutes – 02/2001


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

February 1, 2001

8:05 a.m. Call to order

Present: Marsha Barancik, Christine Tatum, Molly McDonough, Ed Cooper, Casey Bukro, Bob Roberts, Diane Monk and Susan Stevens.

President’s report: Marsha said the Website redesigning had not been done. She asked aa third party, Tom Cassell, to critique it. He said it would cost $150 an hour, semi-pro bono, for his organization to do it. Our Website suggestions will be compiled and sent to Steve Rynkiewicz and Billy O’Keefe. Steve should delegate to Billy. An extended deadline was issued: March 1.

Membership: Chris reported she, Molly and three of Molly’s committee members made member calls during the telethon. They only got through the drop list.

When Chris gives them lists, some board members will make calls from home or work to current members to strengthen their commitment.

Ethics: Discussion of Northwestern University ethics flap about a student who fabricated people and quotes is not relevant to the HC hotline. Casey points out the student is an intern, not a pro, who committed academic dishonesty and got a slap in the wrist.

Programs: Molly said Two Hours of Good Talk was postponed because the committee was not ready. The speaker is more than happy to reschedule. The first evening event will be in May. Dallas writer coach Paula LaRocque may come for a full-day seminar, which she did here several years ago and drew about 50 people. Ilyce will do another Personal Finance Night.

Ethics – more: Casey said the Ethics Advice Line for Journalists was launched Jan. 22. Both the program and marketing were launched, with 250 Dear Journalist letters going out signed by Marsha, David Ozar and Carol Marin. 1,000 wallet-sized cars are being printed. Fliers and wallet cards will be printed and given to employers to hand out. Four calls to date, two on ethics issues. Marsha will see if Ozar can provide a student for legwork.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens