Board Minutes – 03/2001


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

March 1, 2001

Call to order: 5 p.m.

Present: Marsha Barancik, Mary Myers, Molly McDonough, Ed Cooper, Christine Tatum, Pat Kosar, Susan S. Stevens, John McClelland, John Camden, Lynn Schnaiberg, Melissa Harris, Art Menke, Phil Potempa, Chris Terry, and Caryn Rousseau

President’s report: Marsha said correspondence from SPJ shows 45 people haven’t paid local dues, though Treasurer Howard Dubin disagrees, and 25 people have conflicting SPJ and CHC dues-payment records. Marsha, Molly and Howard plan to meet with SPJ this spring to try to sort out things. (Marsha on 3/8 circulated a list for several board members to contact.)

Ethics Adviceline: Marsha sat in on a session and was impressed. She hopes for more publicity and said Loyola is slow on that. (Steve Johnson of the Tribune and Michael Miner of the Reader have featured it.)

Internships: John McClelland made a presentation for board review. See the attached. A vote is scheduled at the April meeting. Christine said specific awards will be announced in December for the summer of 2002. Just under $6,000 has been contributed. E-mail any questions to John, Diane Monk or Christy.

Minutes for January and February were approved.

Nominating committee: Rob Hess, Christine and Howard will serve on it. Motion approved.

Resolutions at SPJ convention: Christine said SPJ President Ray Marcano told her it’s up to the chapters to get resolutions in before the convention. It will require a bylaws change. Chris will support the Chicago delegation asking for the bylaws change. A motion was passed for Chris to work on a letter to us and the SPJ board regarding this. The SPJ board meets in April, and will get it by then.

FOI: board approved filing an amicus brief if the Illinois Press Association requests one in its lawsuit.

SPJ Leadership Conference sign-up deadline is March 15. Two can go, expenses paid. Check with Marsha.

Website revisions are in swing. Billy O’Keefe has a posting we can check.

Board vacancies were filled. To replace John Carpenter, Doug Cummings and Tom Davies, whose slots expire in 2002, John Camden, Art Menke and Phil Potempa were approved. Camden works for the Tribune, Menke for the Illinois Institute of Technology and Potempa for The Times.

Christine said Howard plans to step down as treasurer and Steve Rynkiewicz is willing to take that post. She also mentioned several other potential new board members. Melissa agreed to be the liaison with Northwestern University, where she is a student.

Community Media Workshop will get a $250 contribution from us, in the name of our Ethics program, if Howard agrees.

Meeting adjourned 5:55 p.m.