Board Minutes – 02/2006


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

February 2, 2006

12:15 p.m., at Bloomberg offices

Present: Meg Tebo, Kristen McQueary, Deb Cohen, Andy Schneider, Bonnie McGrath, Molly McDonough, Michelle Stevens, Art Menke, Howard Dubin

Molly reported we have 835 Lisagor entries, down a little bit from last year. Revenue for ’06 is still up, however, over last year. We need volunteers for reciprocal judging. Andy, Kristen volunteered. Also need gift basket contributions for a fund-raiser the night of the awards dinner. Money will go to Times-Picayune. We’ll raffle off the baskets. Headline Club will match what we collect, with a cap. Also may challenge other chapters to raise more and treat the winner to a cocktail party or something during convention.

Need volunteers to help oversee the Lisagor dinner, sit at “greet” table, etc. Need presenters as well.

Basket contributions need to be made by early April (restaurant gift certificates, coffee, wine, movie passes).

Need judges for Watchdog award. Molly is contacting potential panelists.

a. Fundraising: Meg said we’d also pass the hat during the Lisagor dinner for more money for Times-P staff.
Kristen made a motion to approve the fund-raising ideas; seconded by Michelle. Passed unanimously.

Also, Molly reported that Feb. 14 is the deadline for the Watchdog award. Prize of $3500. Will be announced at Lisagors. See CHC Web site for more info.

Friday the 3rd was deadline for submissions from high schoolers. Youth Communication Summit was scheduled for Saturday, so Molly approved an extension for entries, as long as they are postmarked by Monday the 6th.

b. The Andrew Leckey event is schedule for April 4. Free for all Chicago-area journalists, focusing on biz reporting, reading financial reports, etc. Regional meeting is scheduled for March 25 in Indianapolis. Molly is going.

c. Committees. Many committees need new chairs/members. Looking for Ethics, a new coordinator for Media Education Series, new Lisagor chair, Student Outreach. Please contact Meg and volunteer.

a. Logo designs. Deb showed two logo designs for the CHC. Members voted at the meeting and were asked to e-mail their choice.

(Abdon Pallasch joins meeting)

No report today

5. LISAGOR (reported above)

6. WATCHDOG (reported above)

Two, possibly four, nominees. Deadline is Feb. 10.

Howard S. looking for someone to assist him now to “train” to take over the program in the fall.

9. No convention report.

10. SHIELD LAW. National believes we should all contribute to the law/lobbying firm that is working on shield law protection in Congress. It’s a good start, but the language is not perfect. Meg recommended $2500 for now and see how it goes. Motion by Howard, second by Abdon. Approved unanimously.

11. PAID HELP. Are we at a point where we need to hire some professional help? Deb will head a committee to look at two positions: contest coordinator and event coordinator. Could be hourly or set fee. Contest coordinator would help with the massive task of preparing Lisagors each year; setting specs, collecting and sorting entries, sending them out to other clubs for judging, collecting money, etc.

Event coordinator would help with our big events: calling hotels, arranging for food, tickets, etc. Lisagor and Book Bash, especially.

Deb’s committee is open to membership. Kristen to sit on it with her. Committee will explore what other chapters do and have some recommendations for full board.

12. BUDGET. Jason going to lead budget committee. Will work with “paid help” committee to see what we can afford. Please volunteer to help Jason on this committee.

13. Jason needs a slate for his new board/May is term for those with expirations coming up. If you have ideas of potential members, let Meg and/or Jason know.

14. Molly going to Youth Commission meeting on Saturday.

15 Tour of Bloomberg facility.

ADJOURN 1:35 p.m.

Kristen McQueary