Board Minutes – 03/2000


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

March 22, 2000

MEMBERS PRESENT: Marsha Barancik, Anna Marie Kukec, Molly McDonough, Patricia Kosar, Maria Traska, Susan Stevens, John Carpenter, Howard Dubin, Diane Monk, Bob Roberts, Mary Myers and Tom LaPorte. By Phone: Rob Hess and Casey Bukro.

CALL TO ORDER: Barancik called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. She substituted for President Hess, who is in Atlanta on business. She then asked Kukec to substitute for Secretary Ed Cooper, who was absent from the meeting. Kukec agreed.

MINUTES: Minutes from the Feb. 17, 2000, board meeting were not approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Dubin reported that he sent a third billing to about 60 members who have not paid their Chicago Headline Club dues. Since November 1999, Dubin says he has tried different approaches with each dues statement, attempting to entice them to return. Also, they have not paid national dues and may not want to be members any longer, he noted. Possible reasons could be that they moved, have left the profession or just decided not to return. In recent years, club membership has been 500 to 600. This time it’s expected to be about 350 to 400. National also has been experiencing a drop in membership.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: By phone, Hess reported that Barancik has been appointed to a nominating committee that will select next year’s slate of club officers. Two more volunteers are needed. The committee will report at the next board meeting.

Barancik solicited volunteers from the board. Stevens and Monk agreed to serve. Barancik also encouraged board members to talk to colleagues about filling vacant board seats.

Hess also mentioned that the Behind the Badge program is set for Sept. 23, 2000. Many people who were contacted to participate felt that a May date was short notice for their schedules. One speaker is confirmed: Bonnie Bucqueroux of the Witness and Media Program at Michigan State University. Hess commended Doug Cummings for developing this program and board member Carpenter for his support and ideas. He encouraged others to help them crystallize ideas.

CHICAGO JOURNALIST REPORT: Monk said that the deadline was extended so Ed Avis can solicit ads. They’re hoping to sell at least two ads, more would be outstanding. Advertising income will help defray the production cost of the Journalist. Those who would like to insert flyers should provide them within the next two weeks. The Journalist goes to the printer on April 10. Kosar suggested that congratulatory ads run for Lisagor finalists in the April issue. This edition will be given to all attendees of the Lisagor banquet in April.

LISAGOR REPORT: Kosar said that they have received all the comments they are going to get. She is seeking the original entry sheets in order to double check spellings of names and other information. Dubin suggested that a membership application be inserted into the Journalist for the April issue of the Journalist.

ETHICS REPORT: Bukro said that he has read recent e-mails distributed among board members regarding nominations. He agrees with many that this year’s selection should be John Cherwa, the Chicago Tribune associate managing editor for sports, who spearheaded a press boycott of the Indy 500 event in May 1999. The Tribune returned the staff press credentials to Indy 500 when a Sports Illustrated writer was denied credentials after he had written unfavorably about the racing league. Carpenter suggested that others who are nominated, but do not win the award, could be sent letters of commendation for their efforts.

PROGRAM REPORT: McDonough said that the March 31 Brown Bag lunch program will be in a new location, the second floor Medill Room of the Chicago Tribune Tower. The program features John Drummond, who will provide tales of his longtime television reporting career. The next Brown Bag will be April 26, co-sponsored with the Chicago Area Hispanic Journalists Association. Panelists will discuss Hispanic press versus mainstream press coverage of Miriam Santos, who will be invited to attend. Besides the Brown Bag programs, additional evening programs will be scheduled sometime this spring and summer.