Board Minutes – 04/2000


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

April 12, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 5:30

Attending: Doug Cummings, Pat Kosar, Mary Myers, Stephen Rynkiewicz, Ilyce Glink, Ed Cooper, Anna Kukec, Susan S. Stevens, Marsha Barancik, John Carpenter, Becky Beaupre, Molly McDonough. Bob Roberts, Tom LaPorte, Casey Bukro (by phone)

President’s Report: Rob reiterated his opinion that hiring an executive director would be beneficial to the day-to-day operation of the Headline Club, since we all have such full schedules. He also reported that he has been discussing with Howard and Jim Gray of offering a 10% discount for those who join at the dinner. This offer will be announced at the dinner. There was then a discussion of the logistics of signing up new members.

Ethics: Casey reported that he was talking the next morning at Loyola to announce our cooperation. Ozar said he could get the budget down to $7500 for 6 months with some funding he has. Rob said we are talking not only about the hotline itself, but also reaching out to newsrooms to get them involved in this project. Casey said money is a key issue for Ozar. Rob suggested we present what we have to SPJ and try to solicit funding from them. He said he didn’t think it would cost the Headline Club more than $25000 the first year. Ilyce asked what the funding would be used for? Casey said it would also be used for a graduate assistant and record keeping, among other items. Casey and Rob both said we have to consider any request for help but that doesn’t mean we have to accept all questions. Steve moved that Casey continue negotiations with Ozar and present a proposed budget for the next Headline Club Board meeting. Mary Myers seconded the motion. Rob abstained and the remainder of the Board passed the motion. Casey said a certain amount of good faith and work are necessary to make this program successful. He thanked the Board and said a proposed budget will be presented. There will also be a mission statement written.

Video Report: Marsha asked if we should proceed with the video. Rob suggested it could be an informational tool for newsrooms. To discuss the issue further, Sue Stevens suggested more information should be e-mailed to members. However, Steve Rynkiewicz noted that we are discussing too much via e-mail and it appears the board is holding virtual meetings.

Nominating Committee: Directors proposed through June 2001: Paula Brien, Columbia College Casey Bukro, Chicago Tribune Ed Cooper, freelance Tom Davies, The Times of Northwest Indiana John Lampinen, Daily Herald Diane Monk, Leone &Co. Mary Myers Maria Traska

Directors through 2002: Becky Beaupre, Chicago Sun-Times John Carpenter, Chicago Sun-Times Doug Cummings, WMAQ Ilyce Glink ThinkGlink, Inc. Pat Kosar, Office of the Illinois Attorney General Tom LaPorte Steve Rynkiewicz, Tribune Interactive

Officers through 2001 Anna Kukec, American Bar Assn-Secretary Howard Dubin, Manufacturers News-Treasurer Molly McDonough, American Lawyer Media-VP programs Bob Roberts, WMAQ-VP, FOI Christine Tatum, Tribune Media Services- VP, membership (president-elect) Marsha Barancik, American Digital Media-President

Rob Hess, CNN-past president John Carpenter moved to accept the proposed slate. Ilyce seconded. Motion passed.

Programs: Molly provided a schedule of upcoming events: August 26 with the Chicago Association of Hispanic Journalists to discuss the Miriam Santos case; May 26 with Alex Bloomberg of NPR’s “This American Life”; June 8 with Personal Finance Day; June 30 with John Conroy of the Chicago Reader; July 13 (evening) with Jim Romenesko of the Pointer Institute’s Media News; July 28 to be announced; August 23 with the new JAMA Editor; September 23 the Behind the Badge seminar.

FOI: Bob provided an update on the Supreme Court rules involving a gag on police information and various problems for reporters. Doug Cummings added that Lake County officials have been told of the changes and will continue to do what they are doing. Concern also seemed to be with lawyers who could be threatened with disciplinary action from the State Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. The Daily Southtown and Copley have covered this issue.

Rob suggested we alert newsrooms to this situation. Bob added that he talked about the court rules during the Brown Bag featuring John Drummond, which is webcast on the Headline Club’s web site. Treasurer’s Report: Rob provided a brief report in Howard’s absence. He said the club’s cash position is the same as last month. However, 49 names have been removed from the membership roster.

Internship: Rob said SPJ has volunteered to allow contributions to be sent to the SPJ Foundation for the Headline Club’s internship program. Sue added that taxes could be an issue unless we use public radio, public television and other non-profits for the internships.

Lisagor: Sue asked Board members to notify her with their reservations for the banquet. Tables will be reserved for Headline Club officers and guests. Tickets are $40 each; table of 10 is $400.

Behind the Badge: Doug Cummings said that cops have agreed to serve on the program panels; journalists are more difficult to pin down. Many reporters hesitate to participate because the program is scheduled for Saturday September 23-their day off. A strong marketing plan is needed to make the program successful.

New Media Committee: The committee will soon post their work and new links on the Club’s expanded web site. Steve added that the Web site traffic has tripled since last year.

Adjournment. Bob mad a motion to adjourn. Doug seconded. Motion passed Meeting adjourned at 7:30.