Board Minutes – 05/2000


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

May 24, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 with Ilyce Glink presiding until Marsha Barancik arrived. Members present: Diane Monk, John Carpenter, Christine Tatum, Ilyce Glink, Sue Stevens, Pat Kosar, Molly McDonough, Ed Cooper, John Lampinen, Paula Brien, Howard Dubin, Becky Beaupre, Marsha Barancik, Rob Hess, Tom LaPorte, Bob Roberts, Casey Bukro (by phone)

Treasurer’s Report: Expenses since last report (Feb. 17, 2000)

Chicago Journalist $ 6,695 93 Membership 440. 38 Phone 41.85 Lisagor 16, 922.07 Ethics 53.17 Brown Bag, 268.37 Hess exp. past programs 200.00 Total 24, 621.77

Income since last report (2/17/00)

Dues $ 1,638.00 Lisagor entries 175.00 Lisagor dinner 13,401.00 Chicago Journalist ads 825.00 Total 16,030.00

Deficit for the period (8582.77) Surplus for ytd 3087.17

With one more Chicago Journalist in June, we should end this fiscal year with a surplus of approximately $1000. However, we did not give the usual $2000 in scholarships. Last year, we ended with a loss of $6,000.

The big difference, besides the scholarships, was a more successful Lisagor contest.

2000 1999 Revenue entries $21,550.00 $22,540.00 Dinner 13,401.00 10,350.00 34,951.00 32,890.00 Expenses 17,450.00 14,967.00

Assets: Checking acct (after Chicago Athletic Assn. check) (-911.97) Zurich Govt. Money Fund 45, 343.35 First Bank and Trust CD 25,000.00 Total $69,431.38

Ethics: Howard expressed concern that we are not publicizing this project sufficiently. Casey agreed with that and mentioned that Loyola is going to do much of the publicity for this endeavor.

Ed Cooper asked how long we anticipate training the volunteers and Casey said it should take one month.

Marsha stated that it has been decided not to create a specific code of ethics for for online journalism because the SPJ code is considered adequate for all journalistic media.

Ilyce said we have a great panel for the Personal Finance Night June 8 at 5:30 at the Tribune.

FOI: Bob Roberts said there has been bad news concerning the Supreme Court ruling on providing information to the media. John Lampinen said the Illinois Press Association is planning to file a friend of the court brief on the subject and the AP is considering joining in the brief. It was then stated that the Illinois Press Association discusses many things but rarely acts on them. Rob Hess said this ruling was handed down during a winter storm and media lawyers were unable to attend. Molly suggested trying to enforce the new FOI law.

Pat Kosar asked Rob if he had asked the head of the States Attorneys’ Association, Burchetti, for an opinion on this issue. Christine asked whether Rob would like a letter from Matt, to which he gave an affirmative answer. Sue Stevens suggested the Headline Club file a friend of the court brief. Christine thought it would be better for national to do that.

Sue then asked again about the Headline Club hosting the SPJ national convention. Howard thought it was more work than the benefit to be derived from it. Someone else said we owe it to national since we are the second largest chapter. The subject was held for further discussion.

The next Brown Bag will be June 30 at the Tribune featuring John Conroy of The Reader who has written a book on police torture in Chicago, which he will discuss.

The next board meeting is scheduled for June 21 at 5:30 P.M. The primary site will be the CNN bureau, which is in Suite 715 of the Tribune building. Meeting adjourned at 9:30

Submitted by Ed Cooper

Chicago Headline Club Election of Board of Directors, Officers At Tribune Tower Friday, May 26, 2000

Present: Anna Marie Kukec, Russ Bruzek, Belle Allen, John McClelland, Rob Hess, Christine Tatum, Elizabeth Eaken, Jay Vanasco, Lavonne Kuykendall, Lisa Daigle, Bryce Hoekenyco, Ed Cooper, Ed Nash, Dave Wilson, Marsha Barancik, Art Menke, Paolina Milana, Tom Davies, Paul Krawzak, Tnsuz Farkhutdikor, Susan Stevens, Steve Rynkiewicz, Kate Marquess, Molly McDonough.

Before the Brown Bag Lunch program, the proposed slate of officers and board members was presented. The slate includes:

Officers through 2001 President — Marsha Barancik, reporter, American Digital Media Vice President, membership & President-elect Christine Tatum, reporter, Tribune Media Services Vice President, programs — Molly McDonough, associate editor, American Lawyer Media, Chicago bureau Vice President, FOI — Bob Roberts, reporter, WMAQ-AM Secretary — Anna Marie Kukec, reporter, Bar Leader magazine, American Bar Association Treasurer — Howard Dubin, chair and CEO, Manufacturers’ News Inc. Past President, ex-officio board member — Rob Hess, deputy bureau chief, CNN Chicago

Directors through 2001 Paula Brien, career adviser, Columbia College Casey Bukro, reporter, Chicago Tribune Ed Cooper, freelancer Tom Davies, copy editor, The Times of Northwest Indiana John Lampinen, vice president, executive editor, Daily Herald Diane Monk, freelance editor Mary Myers, managing director, Burson-Marsteller Inc. Maria Traska, independent journalist and Web master for hire, Paladin agency

Directors through 2002 Becky Beaupre, computer-assisted reporter, Chicago Sun-Times John Carpenter, reporter, Chicago Sun-Times Doug Cummings, freelancer Ilyce Glink, nationally syndicated columnist, ThinkGlink Inc., & WGN-TV correspondent Pat Kosar, public affairs coordinator, Illinois Attorney General’s Office Tom LaPorte, Web master, WBBM-AM and WMAQ-AM Stephen Rynkiewicz, producer, Tribune Interactive Susan S. Stevens, interim associate editor, Desplaines Valley News

John McClelland nominated Charles Halevi to the Board of Directors; seconded by Molly McDonough. McClelland said he intended to raise questions such as absentee nominations and how the new process for absentee voting would relate to the existing bylaw that allows nominations from the floor. Since Halevi was not informed about the nomination before the meeting, the nomination was withdrawn

Steve Rynkiewicz moved that the nominations be closed. Seconded by Rob Hess. Motion was approved. Hess asked if all were in favor of the slate. The slate was approved unanimously by voice vote.

Submitted by Anna Marie Kukec