Board Minutes – 05/2001


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

May 2001

Call to order: 5:15 p.m.

Present: Diane Monk, Marsha Barancik, Pat Kosar, Molly McDonough, John Camden, Art Meinke, Chris Terry, Christine Tatum, Rob Hess, Sylvia Ewing, Phil Potempa, Azure Domschke and Susan S. Stevens.

Minutes: two corrections for April. 1. Howard Dubin made the motion to collect $20 for local dues, then send national a list of contact information so it can collect national dues. 2. We agreed to reimburse Marsha for half of her expenses attending the regional convention.

Lisagor: final figures are not yet in. Susan said entry fees brought in slight more than $20,000. $8,600 was collected for the banquet, with some checks yet to come in. ($950 was deposited the following Saturday, including $390 for 16 local memberships and one national renewal) Chicago Athletic Association has not reported how many dinners were served, but it was more than 300. Rob suggested we also nominate people, because the entries are not necessarily the best work in town. Diane agreed, saying there is a serious prestige issue. Christine complained about the judging results.

Website: Christine Billy O’Keefe needs more copy, and can pull more off the current site. Some navigational issues also must be worked out.

Membership: Marsha said she received the SPJ member list for the second quarter. 288 members are listed, ironically the same number as the first quarter roster. She will compare the data with Howard’s records. The new list shows 202 memberships will expire before the end of the year. We need to focus on calling them. A callathon was suggested, and will be done in conjunction with the June meeting at a location with sufficient free phones. Christine will check on using the new Tribune Interactive office in the basement.

Molly reported 16 paid local dues at Lisagor; 1 renewed national also. Molly said she and John Camden needed more help at the Lisagor membership desk. A suggestion was made to have a student committee help staff.

Membership Night May 17: Christine estimates 30 Northwestern University students will attend. Only SPJ members, not people who only paid local dues, will be initiated. This will be a rah rah session, and she asks that we not complain then to Ray Marcano about our issues with national because time will be very limited. Al Cross, SPJ president-elect, phoned her and Steve Rynkiewicz earlier in the day because of the $20 collections. “They’re very, very concerned about our decision.” She with help from Marsha and others will e-mail a laundry list of the problems. Al suggested flying in before the May 17 meeting to meet with us. Chris suggested a visit in June.

Programs: Molly sent an e-mail earlier in the day with several upcoming events and another will be along. John said a scheduling conflict led to the postponement of tonight’s program.

Chris and Molly will meet in June to plan the coming year’s schedule, outline programming and an action plan. Those things will be considered at the July planning session.

Susan said meetings in the suburbs really are needed. Several people agreed.

Ethics award: Christine said better parameters need to be established. She will meet with Casey Bukro and maybe David Ozar. She wants a March 1 deadline next year. She notes we do not have to give an award.

Leadership conference: Azure will attend. There’s a chance Art and Chris cannot go. Perhaps Sylvia and Carlos Hernandez will attend.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens