Board Minutes – 07/2004


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

July 14, 2004

President Ben Bradley convened the meeting at 5 p.m.

Present: Ben, Molly McDonough, Jason Jedlinski, John Camden, Meg Tebo, Andrew Dunning, Howard Dubin, Phil Kadner and Susan S. Stevens.

Board unanimously approved the slate presented at the last meeting.

Ben stated that he understood some of John’s concerns. He said in an ideal world things would be done by the book every time but that this year it was struggle to get viable candidates and that delayed the presentation of the slate and membership meeting vote. Ben also said he believes the process has been open to everyone and no one had contested the quality of any slated candidate. Howard noted a conflict with the Lisagor Awards banquet in May has caused problems for more than one year. Molly said when elections were conducted at Lisagors, there were objections.

Ben said a newsletter glitch added to the lack of timely communication. However, he said the slating was not a closed process.

Molly made a motion and Jason seconded it to re-set the election at a membership meeting Tues. Aug. 17. It will probably be 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at a venue to be decided and announced within days. Motion passed on voice vote. Molly said she spoke with our attorney, Jon Duncan, and SPJ headquarters today, and that this week is proper notice.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting reconvened, with Bob Roberts and Howard Schlossberg present.

Ben said Scott Keenan resigned. Ben nominated Howard Schlossberg of Columbia College to replace Scott. Meg moved for approval, Molly seconded, and the board approved him. Howard will not need a vote at the next meeting. However, new board member nominee Tim Mantz and and returning board member Art Menke will be on the ballot.

Phil Kadner was given a go-ahead to represent CHC in the Joliet case, even though his term as FOI vice president is over.

Ben and Howard will be going to the national convention in New York City. Meg will try to go.
Richard Roth of Medill is a candidate for Region 5 chairman and will have our support.

Ben noted that in addition to the next membership meeting, a tour of County Jail will be at 9 a.m. Aug.12.

Respectfully submitted,
Jason Jedlinski and Susan S. Stevens