Board Minutes – 08/2004


Chicago Headline Club
Special Election Report

August 25, 2004

Members of the Board:

At the request of past president Molly McDonough, I chaired the Aug. 17, 2004, membership meeting and election for the Chicago Headline Club. She said she asked me because the incumbent president, who would ordinarily chair the meeting, was being challenged for re-election and she and other officers wanted there to be not even an appearance of conflict. She said she also asked me because I am the presumptive next SPJ Region 5 director, a role that has a seat on the national board.

The meeting on the 17th began at 6 p.m. and began with me reading the nominees of the Slating Committee. I then called for nominations from the floor. As it turned out, there was no opposition for the presidency, but there was a floor nomination for treasurer. No other races were contested.

By a motion from the floor, the contested and uncontested races were separated for voting purposes. As it customary at SPJ national convention elections, the uncontested races were settled by a voice vote. The vote was overwhelming in favor of the slate; indeed, I recognized but one dissenting voice on the voice vote. I announced that the ayes had it and the slate, with the exception of the treasurer’s office, was elected. No one challenged that ruling.

In the matter of the contested treasurer’s seat, I offered each candidate the floor for three minutes of electioneering. Each accepted. We went alphabetically, beginning with John Camden. After he concluded his remarks, incumbent Howard Dubin spoke. The assembled members were then offered an opportunity to speak on behalf of the candidates. There was a statement made in support of Mr. Dubin and several questions from others in attendance about the general financial health of the Headline Club and about accounting and reporting procedures employed by Mr. Dubin. We then voted, as SPJ does at its national conventions, by paper ballot for the contested election. Only paid and present members of the Headline Club were given ballots. I collected and counted the ballots and announced the results as 26 for Mr. Dubin, 6 for Mr. Camden and 1 for Mr. Bradley. I then declared Mr. Dubin to be duly elected. No one challenged that ruling. At that, the meeting was adjourned.

Richard J. Roth
Senior Associate Dean
Medill School of Journalism
Northwestern University