Board Minutes – 08/2006

Board of Directors meeting
Aug. 17, 2006
President Jason Jedlinski called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m.
Present: Jason, Brian Wellner, Howard Schlossberg, Rich Brust, Meg Tebo, Sandy Jones, Jackie Fitzgerald, Susan S. Stevens and (by phone) Julia McEvoy, Bonnie McGrath, Suzanne McBride and Deb Cohen.
Minutes from the two previous board meetings were approved without corrections and will be posted on the web site.
SPJ convention: Jason said we will have a booth at the Journalism Expo, with signs, literature, membership information, flyers for Friday night programs. Volunteers are needed to meet and greet people at the booth. We’ll try to line up next to former CHC President Ed Avis and his Marion Street Press booth, with Ed offering to help out. Meg and Howard S. said they’d sit in Saturday, Brian offered Friday. (Note that they will not want to be at the booth all day, so help out as needed.)
Julia will pick up the Les Brownlee Series banner and posters at Priscilla MacDougall’s house this weekend and deliver then to Jason Monday so we can use them at the booth.
Friday night diversity caucuses, Second City, Mirage and Billy Goat’s need a couple of us at each. Meg and Molly will direct and greet the Second City crowd around 7-7:30 p.m. Milbert Brown will be at the NABJ, Jerry Campagna at the NAHJ, Susan and Suzanne at the Goat’s. Brian at one. Jason will work out other assignments.
Karen Kring of Community Media Workshop and Picture This has photos which will be on display and promote a CHC October roundtable discussion about homeless youth and the myths surrounding them. We agreed that we should reach out to CMW and others as much as possible.
Elections: board discussed candidates for contested races. Meg motioned and Jackie seconded that delegates vote for Clint Brewer for president-elect and Joe Wessels for secretary-treasurer. Approved by voice vote.
One-man one-vote bylaws change: board decided it needs more information on the final proposal. A CHC delegate caucus will decide.
Independent contractors: Deb said Kristen McQueary has obtained some information. A report will be on the agenda at the next board meeting.

Lifetime Achievement Awards and dinner: It will be moved from Oct. 6 to a later date. Oct. 20 and 27 were suggested. Kristen will be asked to check for date and venue. (Note: in a phone conversation with Priscilla Ruth MacDougall, Les Brownlee’s widow, I learned she will be in Italy Oct. 15-30. Since the awards and dinner are part of the Brownlee Series, I urge a date fitting her schedule be chosen.)
Voice mail: We will ask Pat Flynn to take our calls to give us a more “human” voice. She will direct queries to the right CHC person.
E-Newsletter: Meg motioned and Howard seconded that we spend $87 a month and $350 to set up with Blue Hornet for e-mail marketing.
Membership: Jason said Karen Cullotta deserves a hand of thanks (which she got from us) for baking muffins and squeezing orange juice for presentations to a half-dozen suburban newsrooms.
FOIA: Rich plans to meet with Terry Mutchler next week to discuss plans. Maybe we can put case law updates on our website.
Ald. Dorothy Tillman: Board will send a strong letter to her and other aldermen, saying that even though a ward meeting is not covered by the Illinois Open Meetings Act it is in everyone’s best interest to allow reporters to attend. Brian said a Tillman aide asked his Lakefront Outlook reporter to lave a meeting.
Jamie Kalven: Meg wants to do a panel Tuesday night Sept. 19 or 26. Brian will contact Kalven and others involved in this reporter’s privilege case to invite their participation.
Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens