Board Minutes – 09/1998


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

September 16, 1998

Present: Teresa Rai Knight, Patricia Kosar, Mary Meyers, Susan Stevens, Les Brownlee, Kathy McClelland, Jon Duncan, Erin Reilly,Burney Simpson, Stephen Rynkiewicz, Tom Davies, Maria Traska, Edward Cooper, Jenny Glick, Ilyce Glink

President’s Report: Ilyce passed around annual report to board members. Howard Dubin notes in the report, if we weren’t still paying off Gridiron bills, we would have had a surplus of five-thousand dollars. We have just shy of sixty-thousand dollars in the bank, Ilyce says it’s nothing unusual. She adds we are not paying lobbying expenses right now.

Vice President Report: Jennifer Epmeier filed a report. In the report, Jennifer says she hopes to talk to others and brain-storm on ideas for a holiday membership drive/social event. She’d like to get started early on promotion of the event. Jennifer is also still wondering who is handing the sales of the Chicago Journalist. She needs basic info, like circulation count, materials deadlines, ad rates, and a list of past advertisers and prospects. She thinks Diane will be able to supply the info.


Future of Journalism: Maria Traska, getting ready to do mailing party and looking for helpers. Maria says she started to make calls, and was surprised we don’t have staff names and lists. She has fliers already! Seven weeks in advance. The “Future of Journalism” program will be held Saturday, November seventh from nine to five at Northwestern University Campus. (Lake Shore Drive and Superior Street.) Advance registration ends Friday October 23.

Journalism Discussion Series: Erin Reilly passed out fliers for the first discussion, which will host Phyllis Schwartz, the president of WMAQ-Channel 5’s news and creative services. Reilly says the biggest concern is getting enough people to come. The discussion session will be held Tuesday September 29th from 12:15 to 1:15p.m. on the twentieth floor dining room in the Tribune Tower. Upcoming discussion will feature CNN Assistant Bureau Chief Rob Hess. He’ll speak October 30th. Georgeann Herbert, news director of WBBM-AM will speak November 20th. No cost! Brown.

First Amendment Rights Workshop: Teresa Rai Knight says Ed Flaner suggested they not use Columbia, he does not think they have enough space for such a long time during the day. Talking to the board about using a high school auditorium. Maria Traska suggests a First Amendment Law School Professor may be able to free up some space. She suggests possibly doing it at the Athletic Club, maybe pay them to do the lunch if the room is a problem. Another suggestion, consider the Washington Library, or DePaul and Northwestern. Ilyce is not opposed to moving the date. (rest of minutes from Teresa Rai Knight’s notes)

Web site Internet Report: Instructions on how to subscribe to the e-mail list are on the site. Masthead WWW.Medill.SPJ. Hopes to expand flexibility. Ilyce suggests that the Club purchases software to that end one day. Jon Duncan suggests we purchase libel or slander insurance for the errors and omissions. Susan suggests he shop around for coverage and make a presentation.

Indiana Satellite Chapter: October First in Gary with Governor’s Task Force on open records/FOI. Possible Future events like reverse news conference, on how the Club can support you

National Convention: October 23rd and 24th. Ilyce can’t go, Bob Roberts and wife can’t go, Steve and Les will go. Jenny Glick and Susan will represent chapter as well. Howard paid. Ilyce will send a delegate list. Pick up cost for Susan and Jenny.

Lisagors: Internet category guidelines need to be clarified, and Bernie was solicited to help. Discussion on whether entries should be scanned onto our site, Steve says there’s no need for prior permission because entrants don’t own their entry.


Jason Fixler