Board Minutes – 09/1999


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

September 15, 1999

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 P.M.

In attendance were: Ed Cooper, Marsha Barancik, MollyMcDonough, Christine Tatum, Ed Avis, Stephen Rynkiewicz, Mary Meyers, Diane Monk, Ilyce Glink, Rob Hess Tom Davies, and Tom LaPorte (by phone)

Correction: Christine Tatum thought I neglected to list her as having attended the August Meeting.

President’s Report: Rob said those he has listed as delegates to the SPJ Conventuin in Indianapolis are: Rob Hess, Christine Tatum, Erin Reilly, Tom Davies, Steve Rynkiewicz and Tom LaPorte.

Discussion was then opened on members who may join the Headline Club without paying dues to national. Steve suggested charging them a nominal fee to attend events such as the brown bag lunches. For the sake of the conversation, these members were called subscribers, since the only benefit they would receive would be the Journalist. Ed Avis commented on the disparity between national and local membership.. Steve proposed only sending them the newsletter, with no other perks. Rob viewed it as a recruitment tool.

Tom LaPorte reported by phone that the New Media Committee is making some progress in setting its goals and working with the Headline Club web site.

Marcia Barancik made a last effort to persuade board members to buy tickets to the Second City Event on the 16th . She reported that $580 in tickets had been sold, while she had hoped to sell $1000.. The introduction will be at 6:55 and all board members who attend will act as ushers all evening.

Diane Monk reported that the best estimate she had received for production so far was from the Desktop Edit Shop, who would charge $800 for a 12-page newsletter. This will need to be resolved by the end of the year. She is continuing to solicit other estimates. Diane would like to see a smaller monthly newsletter, with a larger one quarterly. She would also like to experiment with a magazine format. The only thing we absolutely must print is the Lisagor nominees and winners, since no other publication does so.

Ed Avis called the Journalist an outstanding publication and said it had never occurred to him that it needed to change. He said that if it does decide to use a magazine format, he would be happy to help with the business side.

Ilyce suggested starting slowly and maybe accepting advertising. Ed Avis said that if it is going to change, it should be done in one step. Someone proposed seeking funding from the SDX Foundation. Ed Avis opposed the idea of selling advertising, since it would come from the very organizations the newsletter covers.

Ilyce said she needs $30,000 dollars in the next year to fund two scholarships. The possibility of seeking outside funding was then broached. We also need to do a better job of promoting what we’re doing.

Media Committee:: Christine said her members are making calls but that the lists are not up to date. She also needs more callers. Christine has also been appointed national chair of the SPJ Legal Defense Fund.

FOI: Anna Marie Kuker reported that we are writing a letter in support of Attorney General Jim Ryan’s proposed legislation. Pat Kosar stated she was told that the bill will not be introduced until the Spring session because the Attorney General’s office doesn’t think it can find sufficient support in the fall veto session.

Treasurer’s Report: None

Internship: Ilyce said nothing is happening at the present. She would like to see an associate membership for PR professionals.

FOI : No report.

Web site. Steve said the traffic is better than anticipated and the job page is the most popular in terms of the number of hits.