Board Minutes – 09/2008

Chicago Headline Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, Sept. 15, 2008
Bloomberg Offices
111 S. Wacker Drive

Attending in person: Dawn Reiss, Steve Walsh, Jane Hirt, Esther Cepeda, Sue Stevens, Kathy Catrambone, Beth Konrad, Tony Noce, Kristen Schorsch, Abdon Pallasch, Deborah Cohen

On phone: Laura Putre, Howard Dubin, Bonnie McGrath, Kristen McQueary, Lisa Donovan

Call to order: Dawn called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.

August minutes: Sue moved to approve August minutes. Seconded by Esther. Board approved minutes.

Membership report: VP of Membership Laura Putre reports that the membership committee met in August. The committee is working on a winter members-only event targeting freelancers that will be centered on speed pitching to editors. There was discussion by the board about making the winter program one to build up our membership base. Laura says the committee needs help to find a space for the event.

Laura also said that the committee suggests instituting contests for members offering a prize to those who recruit the most new members. A suggested prize: a $200 gas card. Laura says the committee is planning on running a membership table at every event. Laura, Beth and Deb will work on ways to capture data for potential members at events.

Other Membership Committee ideas: a holiday party; a burger night in April for graduating seniors to get them to join as professional members; and profiling members on the CHC Web site.

Treasurer’s report: Kathy reported on behalf of Suzanne that we have opted to drop the “404” number because a lot of people are now going online for the JobFile and information about club events.

JobFile: Dawn reported that she asked Bob Roberts to continue to give the Headline Club the JobFile, which he compiles for the Illinois News Broadcasters Assn. Our club has to keep JobFile open to nonmembers because the INBA does the same.

Board vacancies: Dawn says we need to fill Melissa Goh’s position. Most likely we will have to fill Fuzz Hogan’s spot as well. Beth will check will sports broadcasters at both WBBM and Fox.

Lisagors: Niki Dizon and Dawn will co-chair the Lisagor Committee. Steve Walsh agreed that we could have the Lisagor meetings at Bloomberg offices. Kathy went to the Union League club to check out possible rooms. Union League Club seats up to 400.

Convention report: Beth reports that we were represented at our regional meeting – Region 5 – at the national convention in Atlanta. The new regional director, Liz Hansen, requested that CHC host the regional convention this year since it was being moved from Champaign, Ill. Dawn spoke to Liz back in July and requested that CHC not host the regional this year because the club is overhauling its Web site and the Lisagor banquet will be held a few weeks after the regional convention. Liz said SPJ national agreed to host the Region 5 convention in Indianapolis the first weekend in April. Dawn negotiated that the CHC would instead host the regional conference two years from now. After National hosts a regional in Indianapolis in April 2009, Cincinnati-Kentucky chapters will host the following regional, followed by CHC.

Programs report: Beth reported that the Brownlee kickoff at Priscilla MacDougall’s went well. Beth suggested that we work on producing a financial markets program due to the abundance of recession-related news. Beth also is planning that the January program be top editors of the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times talking about the state of journalism. Sue reported that we have gotten a commitment from former Sen. Adlai Stevenson to be the moderator for the First Amendment program on Oct. 23 at the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum.

Reciprocal judging: Dawn says North Central Florida chapter of SPJ has offered to do reciprocal judging with Chicago on our Lisagors. Beth says Philadelphia has also offered.

Internet Committee update: Dawn reports that we have four bids for our site overhaul. The committee, which now includes Esther, Tim and Dawn, will review those bids and talk to Suzanne about the budget.

Burger Night changes: Dawn suggests that we try some other night besides Friday night and change the time to 5:30 to 7:30 so people could come after work. Fuzz has agreed to host the next one, which will be Friday, Oct. 3 at the new time. Then we will switch to Thursdays.

Watchdog funding: Tony has received a new request for Watchdog funding of $6,000. Kristen McQueary agreed to touch base with Driehaus Foundation. Kristen will continue to run point with Dreihaus, helped by Tony, Dawn and Howard.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Cohen