1999 Lisagor Winners

1999 Lisagor Awards Winners


–Daily Herald, “Crossing Centuries,” Maria Choronzuk
–Times of Northwest Indiana, sports, Craig Newman, Matt Erickson and Jonathon Berlin
–Adams Business Media, 1999 day trading issue, Tony Ficke
–Crain’s Chicago Business, “Forty Under Forty,” Thomas Linden
–Chicago Tribune, “Apollo 11: The Eagle Has Landed,” David Constantine and Kevin Hand
–The Chicago Reporter, Jim McGowan
–Chicago Tribune, “Jelly Roll Morton,” Howard Reich, William Gaines, Sara Worrell, Michelle Collins and Michael Morgan
–WMAQ-TV, “Sex Sting Undercover,” “Playball” and “Y2K Watch,” Robert Mepham


–Chicago Tribune, “A Human Drama,” Sid Smith, Achy Obejas and Chris Jones
–Chicago Reader, “Men in the Street,” Fred Camper
–Daily Herald, three columns, Dann Gire
–Chicago Reader, dance and performance columns, Laura Molzahn
–WBEZ, “Sounds from the Vaults,” Edie Rubinowitz
–WYCC, “Absolute Artistry,” Norman Mark


–Daily Southtown, “Victory for Victims,” Yuta Sakaguchi
–Pioneer Press, “Mud Fun,” Cathryn Scott


–The Herald News, “Fire Prayer,” Scott Strazzante


–Chicago Sun-Times, “Subprime Lending,” Bill Rumbler and Alex Rodriguez
–Chicago Magazine, “Deep Blues,” Dennis Rodkin
–WMAQ Radio, “Benecol,” Bob Roberts
–WFLD-TV, “Free Pass?” Larry Yellen, Ismael Estrada, Maria Tomasch, Timothy Smith, Chuck Quinzio and Stewart Orlin


–Daily Herald, “Havard’s a prodigal son in Rexilius household,” Lindsey Willhite
–Pro Football Weekly, “Battered bodies: life after the NFL,” Ron Pollack
–Chicago Sun-Times, “It just isn’t fair,” “Spellman ready,” “Daughter’s triumph…,” Jay Mariotti
–Newcity, “White man’s game,” Scoop Jackson
–Chicago Sun-Times, “Trampled,” Richard A. Chapman
–WMAQ Radio, “Walter Payton Tribute Show,” sports staff


–Chicago Tribune, “Prescription for Profit,” Andrew Zajac, Laurie Cohen and Merrill Goozner
–Times of Northwest Indiana, “Labor From Another Land,” Carmen McCollum and Jerry Davich
–Associated Press, “Mystery in Building 503,” Sharon Cohen
–Business Week, “The Last Monopolist,” Roger O. Crockett
–Crain’s Chicago Business, “Who Stole Chicago?” Judith Crown and Greg Hinz
–WMAQ Radio, “Governor Ryan Goes to Cuba,” Chris Robling
–WTTW, “Chicago Tonight,” Jessica Zoller Kaplan, Andrea Guthmann, Phil Ponce, Mary Field, Elizabeth Brackett, Rich Samuels, Tim Ward and Richard Carter


–Chicago Tribune, ” Jelly Roll Blues,” Howard Reich and William Gaines
–Post-Tribune, “Carrying a Message,” Rick Miller
–Chicago Reader, “Brickyard Blues,” Tori Marlan
–Chicago Magazine, “Da Rules,” Jonathan Eig
–Crain’s Chicago Business “The Millennium Issue: Chicago 2000 and Beyond,” Crain’s Chicago Business staff
–WBBM Radio, “Earth Harp,” John Cody
–Kurtis Productions, “A&E Investigative Reports: The Shattered Mind,” Bill Kurtis and Julianne Hill


–Chicago Tribune, “What city is doing to Travis shouldn’t happen to a dog,” “43rd ward deal would make even Paddy Bauler proud” and “A tree can tell a lot about time to those who listen,” John Kass
–Daily Herald, “Teachers’ fight with anorexia her final lesson,” “Two-hour break does nothing for gambling addicts” and “A Father’s Day message to span the miles home,” Amy Callahan
–Regional News, “The Lump,” “Where I am, I belong” and “Of death and dying and the will to believe,” Ruth McGinnis
–Chicago Parent, “The fine art of finding your teen a summer job,” Dave Jaffe
–WMAQ Radio, “Friday Notebook: The Columbine Commentaries,” Dave Berner
–WMAQ-TV, “Saturday commentaries” (death penalty, death of Phil Walters and Chicago firefighters), Dick Kay


–Chicago Sun-Times, Jack Higgins


–Daily Herald, Series on school violence, David Beery
–Near West Gazette, Fillmore/Grenshaw editorials, William S. Bike and Mark J. Valentino
–American Medical News, “Let the seller beware,” “A Bigger, not better, Aetna” and “Ready for trouble?” Benjamin Mindell


–Chicago Tribune, “The failure of the death penalty in Illinois,” Ken Armstrong and Steve Mills
–Daily Southtown, “Deadly Silence: The government’s betrayal of A-bomb pioneers,” Kevin Carmody
–Chicago Magazine, “Making Them Talk,” Jonathan Eig
–The Chicago Reporter, “Chicago Matters: Examining Health,” Natalie Pardo, Rui Kaneya, Danielle Gordon, Pamela A. Lewis and Rebecca Anderson
–The Chicago Reporter, “A Special Report on Englewood,” Danielle Gordon
–WBEZ, “If You Only Knew,” Teshima Walker, Gianofer Fields and Rose Buckner
–WMAQ-TV, “Kids in Confinement,” Dave Savini, Michele Rubenstein, Suzanne Richter, Mable Miller, Mark Ringo and Stephen Davis


–Chicago Sun-Times, “Amtrak Train Derails” (Bourbonnais crash), staff
–Chicago Tribune, “Duff Family Mops Up On City Deals,” Andrew Martin, Laurie Cohen, Gary Washburn and Ray Gibson
–The Courier News, “Double dose of murder” (Elgin triple homicide), Allison Hantschel, George Houde, Sean Noble and Gloria Carr
–Times of Northwest Indiana, “The guns next door” (handgun series), Tom Alexander, Rich Bird, Dan Fields and Daniel J. Yovich
–Chicago Reader, “Pure Torture” (police torture in Chicago), John Conroy
–Associated Press, “Death Row Roulette,” Sharon Cohen
–Catalyst: Voices of Chicago School Reform, series, “Finding and Keeping Teachers,” Elizabeth Duffrin, Grant Pick, Maureen Kelleher and Woody Carter
–Chicago Magazine, “Born to con,” Jonathan Eig
–The Chicago Reporter, “A special report on Englewood,” Alysia Tate, Alden K. Loury, Chanel Polk, James Boozer, Billy O’Keefe and Jennifer Morrill
–WMAQ Radio, “Hate Rampage,” Bob Roberts, Georgeann Herbert and Larry Langford
–WMAQ-TV, “Deadly Delay” (slow paramedic response time in LaTanya Haggerty shooting), Dave Savini and Michele Rubenstein