2000 Lisagor Winners

2000 Lisagor Awards Winners


–The Times of Northwest Indiana, “Steel’s World War,” Karin Lowe, Jonathon Berlin and Matt Mansfield
–The Times of Northwest Indiana, general excellence, Matt Erickson
–Chicago Reporter, “Chicago Matters: Seeking Justice,” Jim McGowan
–Crain’s Chicago Business, “E-volution,” Timothy Mollette and Thomas J. Linden
–Post-Tribune, “Gary Steelheads Come to Town,” Mark Thurman and Joe Greco
–Chicago Sun-Times Online, Olympics section, Catherine C. Williams, Laura Shachter Casper


–Chicago Sun-Times, “Failing Tires Carry Fatal Consequences,” Mark Skertic
–Consumers Digest, “The Fleecing of America’s Elderly,” John F. Wasik and Carey Millsap-Spears
–Media Tracks, Radio Health Journal: “Is Mammography Infallible?” Reed Pence and Joe Bartosh
–WFLD, “No Prescription, No Problem,” Larry Yellen, Ishmael Estrada, Maria Tomasch, Tim Smith, Edward Bartlett, Chris Willadsen, Chuck Quinzio, Joe Vela


–The Times of Northwest Indiana, “Lizard Rescue,” John Luke
–Chicago Sun-Times, dog fighting story, Robert A. Davis
–The Star, “Pair under a blue sky,” Chris Sweda
–The Times of Northwest Indiana, “Runner trips during the relay,” Natalie Battaglia


–Chicago Tribune, general excellence, Phil Hersh
–Chicago magazine, “Brand X,” James McManus
–Chicago Sun-Times, general excellence, Rick Telander
–The Regional News, “Bartosh,” Ken Karrson
–WBEZ, “Cubs Convention 2000,” Steve Edwards, Sara Sobiech Johnson
–WMAQ, “Olympic Countdown,” Geoff Glick, Dave Breyer, Mark Suppelsa, Mike Adamle


–Chicago Tribune, general excellence, David Greising, Ameet Sachdev, Barbara Rose and Rob Kaiser
–The Times of Northwest Indiana, “Steel’s World War,” Clint Mitchell and Dan Lee,
–Bloomberg News, “Spotlight on Farm Economy,” Brendan Murray and Anupy Singla
–Business Week, “The Mess at Bank One,” Joseph Weber
–Hospitals & Health Networks, “Going … Going … Gone?” Dave Carpenter
–WBBM, Montgomery Ward Closes,” Len Walter, Jennifer Keiper, Bob Roberts, Regine Schlesinger


–Chicago Sun-Times, “Shepherd of the Streets,” Bryan Smith
–Daily Southtown, “Any Given Sunday,” Cathleen Falsani
–Chicago Reader, “Ooh, That Smell,” Nadia Oehlsen
–Chicago magazine, “Grief,” Robert Kurson
–Crain’s Chicago Business, “E-volution,” Jeff Borden and Lynn Koslowsky
–WBEZ, “Unlocking the Closet: Stories of Coming Out Later in Life,” Tony Sarabia
–WFLD, “The Lincoln Park Trixie Society,” Mark Saxenmeyer, Dave Tresnowski, Lou Hinkhouse, Andrea Brown
–Exito, “Cuando los timbales callaron,” Alejandro Riera


–Chicago Tribune, business columns, general excellence, David Greising
–Daily Herald, general excellence, Chris Bailey
–Chicago Free Press, general excellence, Jennifer Vanasco
–Illinois Issues, “Political Studies,” John Carpenter
–WBEZ, Eight Forty-Eight: “View From the 6th Grade,” Daniel Ferri
–WMAQ, “People,” Dick Kay


–Chicago Sun-Times, general excellence, Jack Higgins


–Chicago Tribune, editorials on criminal justice reform, Cornelia Grumman
–Regional News, Palos Heights government and the mosque controversy, Richard Parmater
–American Medical News, “Paging Aetna’s Dr. Rowe,” “Right rules for persuasion” and “Goodbye Y2K bug; hello terror bug?” Benjamin Mindell
–WBEZ, “Chicago Matters: Seeking Justice,” Sydney Lewis, Mary Johnson, Connie Blade, Gary Gauger


–Chicago Tribune, “Dangerous Care: Nurses’ hidden role in medical errors,” Michael J. Berens
–Chicago Tribune, “Danger from Above,” Louise Kiernan
–Daily Herald, “Driving Drunk Again and Again,” Madeleine Doubek, Tony Gordon, Christy Gutowski and Sean Hamill
–Catalyst, 10th anniversary issue, Linda Lenz, Veronica Anderson, Debra Williams, Averil Massie, Maureen Kelleher, Elizabeth Duffrin, Ericka Moore and Grant Pick
–Chicago Reporter, “Transit Woes: The CTA’s Aging Bus Fleet,” Rui Kaneya and Pamela Lewis
–WBEZ, “Hemophiliac Community,” Justin Kaufman and Steve Edwards
–WMAQ, “Who’s at the Wheel?” Dave Savini, Michele Rubenstein, Sharon Pearson, Bond Li and John Scott


–Chicago Sun-Times, “Slaying of 2 Honor Students Shocks Gang-Weary Cicero,” Carlos Sadovi
–Chicago Tribune, “Africa: the Ailing Continent,” Paul Salopek
–The Times of Northwest Indiana, “Hope Dims for LTV,” Clint Mitchell, Lu Ann Franklin, Elizabeth Eaken, Dan Schnolis, Rich Bird, Robin Biesen, Marilyn Kucer, Sharon Porta and Brad Cole
–The Herald News, “Inside looking out” and “1 victory at a time,” Catherine Ann Velasco
–The Star, “Bazaar of Peril,” Ed Pilolla
–Associated Press, “Corrections chief,” John O’Connor
–ABA Journal, “Fatal Failures” and “Who Knows Best?” John Gibeaut
–Chicago Parent magazine, “Criminal Injustice,” Elaine Richardson and Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin
–Catalyst, “Student Retention,” Elizabeth Duffrin and Dan Weissmann
–WMAQ, “Hate rampage follow-up,” Bob Roberts
–WLS, “Indiana Fugitives Captured,” Leah Hope, Bill Newsom, Tracy Timberlake, Greg Preston, Chuck Goudie, Steve Erwin and Bill Roesler
–La Raza, “Décadas después los braceros guardan una esperanza: rescatar sus ahorros” (series on Mexican migrant workers), Leticia Espinosa