2004 Lisagor Winners

2004 Lisagor Awards Winners


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–Chicago Reporter and Residents’ Journal, “Deadly Moves,” Brian J. Rogol, Beauty Turner, Mary C. Johns, Alden K. Loury
–Chicago Sun-Times, “Clout on Wheels,” Tim Novak, Steve Warmbir
–Chicago Tribune, “Fade to Blue,” Paul Salopek
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–Chicago Tribune, “No Child Left Behind,” Stephanie Banchero
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–Modern Healthcare, “The Best Health Care Money Can Buy,” Cinda Becker
–The Star, “Credit Card Abuse,” Juliana Keeping
–WBBM-TV, “Ice Cream Convicts,” Dave Savini, Michele Youngerman
–WBEZ, “Chicago Matters: Our Next Generation,” Julia McEvoy, Amy Dorn, Staff
–WBEZ, “Out Here on My Own,” Linda Paul, Cate Cahan


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–Crain’s Chicago Business, “100 Most Influential Women,” Karen Kellams
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–Daily Herald, “The Path from Polska,” Mark Lesselyoung


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–Chicago Tribune Magazine, “An American Odyssey,” Chris Walker
–Daily Herald, “The Path from Polska,” Brian Hill
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–WGN-TV, “Alaska: Where Winters Are Winters,” Kevin Myers


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–Chicago Tribune, “Utica, Illinois: Wicked Winds,” Julia Keller
–Chicago Tribune Magazine, “And Now for Something Completely Different. Sort of,” Chris Jones
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–Daily Herald, television criticism, Ted Cox
–Reflejos Bilingual Journal: “Una nueva vox in los hospitales,” Veronica Gonzalez
–Time magazine, “Between the Sexes,” Wendy Cole
–WBEZ, “Bliss,” Sylvia Ewing
–WBEZ, “Indiana War Memorial,” Jenny Lawton
–WFLD, “Asian Plastic Surgery,” Mark Saxenmeyer


–Chicago Tribune, Rick Morrissey
–Chicago Tribune Magazine, “Fighting for the Spotlight,” Michael Hirsley
–Naperville Sun, “Under Pressure – The Landscape of High School Sports,” Paul LaTour
–WBEZ, “Sox Tour,” Beth Finke, Matt Cunningham


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–Chicago magazine, “Closing Arguments: The Dissolution of Altheimer & Gray,” Shane Tritsch
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–Neighbors, “Etched in Stone,” Tina Valentino
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