Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists

One thing is certain about the future of journalism: Ethics matters.

Especially in these dark days of monumental change and uncertainty, credibility and professionalism will be vital no matter what form journalism takes in the future.

When in doubt about an ethics decision, chart a clear course to the future by calling the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists.

Call 866-DILEMMA.

AdviceLine is a free service offered by the  Chicago Headline Club. Almost 1,000 journalists have called AdviceLine for guidance on ethics since it was founded in 2001. A team of specialists at Loyola, trained in ethics, will take your call.

One of the call-takers, David Ozar, an expert on ethics, describes what AdviceLine does:

”Journalists confront ethics dilemmas every day and want to do the right thing, but the correct course of action is not always clear. Our goal is not to offer easy answers to tough ethics issues, but to guide journalists to a decision based on sound ethical journalism. ”

Make the right decision. Call the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists for guidance in ethical decision-making. The service is open to all professional journalists, members of the Chicago Headline Club or not.

It is one of the many services offered by the Chicago Headline Club to enhance professionalism in journalism, and to guide journalists into the future.