Board Minutes – 06/2009

June 8th

Kathy reported that the chapter’s mailing address has been changed and all calls are going to her home. A document was included in the board ‘welcome packet’ that provided more details. Kathy and Beth will pick up the mail. The board agreed to test out this arrangement for at least 6 months after which the board may revisit the topic for discussion and further action.

Hilary Sizemore gave an overview of the club website for new board members. When she attended the Ted Scripps Leadership weekend she discovered that the Chicago chapter website has become a guide for other chapters to emulate.

Beth requested that Hilary Sizemore have an assistant to take over the note-taking duties during meetings since she is also in charge of the website and has committed herself to being heavily involved the club’s efforts to form a digital tech training institute.

Approval of the May minutes was tabled in order for members to have a chance to read it. The minutes were not given to members far enough in advance to read them, in addition, they were too detailed and lengthy for members to review on such short notice.

A request to circulate minutes earlier to board members, perhaps a week or two after a board meeting, was suggested.

Suzanne gave the treasurer’s report. Lisagor is the biggest fundraiser for the club. Profits this year amounted to $11,903.56. It was also noted that by combining the Lifetime Awards with the Lisagor Awards the club saved an annual loss of $5,000 dollars. Despite the success of Lisagors, the club is experiencing financial difficulties. More money is being spent than is coming in. No solution was presented.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 14th @9AM in Bloomberg office. Board members were surveyed for preferential days and times to meet, and it was agreed that future meetings will most often occur on Friday mornings.

FOI – Susan Stevens informed board members on the current behaviors of Gov. Quinn and the state of police credentialing.

Programming – in order to be a chapter in 4 star standing we must complete programming in each category: Ethics/Training and Education/Diversity/FOI.

Board members are being asked to participate actively in committees – i.e., Lisagors, Programming, FOI and Finances expressed an interest in recruiting new committee members.

The board agreed to have the National SPJ host the Regional meeting in Chicago this spring.

A question of whether or not the Chapter should donate funds to the Terry Harper family was addressed. Beth Konrad will reach out to National SPJ for more information before the board decides whether to instruct individual members to make donations or whether the chapter will make a gesture on behalf of the chapter to the Harper family.

Suzanne McBride stressed again the need to address the falling dollars in the chapter bank account.



Respectfully submitted,

Hilary Fosdal