Watchdog Fund

You are eligible for a grant if you work in the greater Chicago area. Grants are awarded to full-time, part-time and freelance journalists for print, broadcast and online reporting.

Your request will be reviewed by a Chicago Headline Club representative who is not a member of the working press and who will not reveal the details of your investigative project to a potential competing news organization.


You may check the status of your application by e-mailing Tony Noce at Contact information for all Chicago Headline Club board members and officers can be found here.


To apply, complete the questionnaire below and return via post office mail to Watchdog Fund, c/o Tony Noce, 1115 Parker Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60194. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

Name/job title:


Home address:


News outlet (if applicable):


Outlet’s address:


Your e-mail address:


Your work phone number:


Your editor’s name and phone number:


Describe your investigative project:





Give the probable deadline for its publication, airing or posting: 



How much money do you request? Please provide a brief explanation of how the

money will be spent, and be prepared to provide receipts of your expenses to the

Chicago Headline Club.