Headline Club News and Notes


$1,211 – final figure of the amount available from Scribe Aid for unemployed and underemployed journalists for new training. We suggest our Digital Media Training Institute (DMTI), but stipends do not need to be confined to it. To apply, contact CHC board members Steve Franklin stevebey@live.com or Flynn McRoberts fmcroberts1@bloomberg.net.

DMTI – Program Vice President Ken Davis and his able committee are looking at a single day in November for continuation of this vital program to keep us up-to-date. You will be seeing and hearing much more about it in the coming months. It will be a “must-go-to” event for every active journalist, with an array of new media training programs.

FOIA turndown – from the Chicago Police Department. We tried this means of getting information about the CPD’s new credentials rules. Rejection is because they are still “proposed” and not finalized by the City Council. Meanwhile, the press cards that date back many years are still good.

Medill reminder – next court date is Sept. 22 for the Project Innocence issue. We maintain the Northwestern University students were acting as journalists and are exempt from subpoenas.

Website rebuilding – still under way. Still can use good help. Contact board member and Digital Media Committee Chairman Jon Seidel jseidel@post-trib.com if you can lend a hand rescuing our old content.

Remember other things we offer: our Job File, Watchdog grants, scholar-internship funds, Ethics AdviceLine at 866-DILEMMA. Sarah Ostman is reporting on the Blagojevich trial because of a $2,500 internship the CHC Foundation awarded her. Steve Rhodes of the Beachwood Reporter is working on an investigation with the help of Watchdog money.

Bye Burger Nite – Interest waned, so we are discontinuing this regular event. We might host an occasional one. Watch our schedule.

Please become a member – if you are not already. Go to www.headlineclub.org for a link to the form at www.spj.org. Or contact Membership VP Hilary Fosdal at fosdal@uwalumni.com.