Become a Chicago Headline Club board member

Who can join the Chicago Headline Club as a board member?

Any Chicago Headline Club member is eligible to become a board member.

Annual dues to be a member of the Chicago Headline Club are $20 a year. Society of Professional Journalist (SPJ) national dues cost $72 a year. You must be in good standing with both organizations in order to qualify for a nomination to the board.

How do I submit my/a name for nomination?

Send an email to with the subject “board member nomination”. Be sure to include your/the candidates resume and a brief statement on why you want to become a board member. Be sure to include what type of contributions you feel you/the candidate would make to the board. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

What are the responsibilities of being a board member?

Board members make the commitment to attend our chapter’s monthly meetings. The Chicago Headline Club calendar runs from September to June. Board members meet to plan programs for the coming year that will enrich the professional practice of our members. You also have an opportunity to contribute content to our website which provides news, events, job listings and other valuable resources specifically tailored to the Chicago journalism community.

What are the benefits of becoming a board member?

Being a member of the Chicago Headline Club provides you with an opportunity to serve the journalism community in Chicago and network with fellow journalists.

What type of board members are we looking for?

Are you an experienced journalist? Freelancer? Do you work in PR?

Are you interested in meeting other Chicago journalists who also believe in the importance of journalism?

Are you ready to create the next program to train journalists how to perform their job better?

Are you willing to make a two-year commitment?

How much does it pay?

Being a board member is a volunteer position.