Board Minutes – 03/2011

Chicago Headline Club

Board of Directors meeting

Fri. March 11, 2011

President Susan S. Stevens called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Present: Steve Edwards, Suzanne McBride, Hilary Fosdal, Tony Noce, Brian Pitts, Flynn McRoberts, Kathy Catrambone, Susan, and on the phone Aimee DeBatt, Beth Konrad and Howard Dubin.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved without corrections.

Treasurer’s report: Howard said the treasury is at the traditional high for the year, with more than $113,000. (see attached for more information)

Publicity: Aimee reports a few website and Facebook additions, She will team with Randi Belisomo for more scholarship and internship publicity, as needed.

Digital: Jon Seidel reported by e-mail that Gary is starting monthly security updates. Jon needs fresh content, comments, criticisms and suggestions.

Nominating Committee: President-elect Hilary announced she will not be lined up to become president. She is starting an on-line business, while keeping her job with the Law Bulletin  Publishing Co. We gave her our best wishes and thanks for all she has done over the years.

Nominating Committee volunteers: Suzanne, Aimee, Steve Edwards, Beth and Flynn.

Access Survey: Beth reported about 200 journalists have responded. She said a last-chance reminder has been e-mailed and phone calls are being made to non-responders in hopes of increasing the number to 250 or 300 though the original goal was 400. Preliminary compilation of responses will be done by the end of March. Then a meeting will be scheduled with the new Chicago administration in a sort of open dialogue session. Beth needs contact information for the Emmanuel people (Abdon?).

Scholar-internships: Susan, at the request of the CHC Foundation, asked that the board appropriate $2,500 to CHCF for funding one of the two internships. Motion was approved without dissent.

Membership: Hilary announced Chicago earned SPJ’s award for the most memberships in one year. She will analyze SPJ databases month by month to see what we did that worked.

Programs: Ken said the Digital Media Training Institute will be 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Sat. April 16 at a site to be selected. The Tribune’s James Janega will lead training on how journalists can benefit from social media.

Awards: Tony and Howard asked Suzanne to provide documentation for the $1,500 check we need to give Columbia College for a Watchdog Grant. Suzanne said the work was published, accessed by hundreds and used in an article for the New York Times Chicago page.

Lifetime: Susan reported for Lifetime Committee Chairman Bernie Judge that the committee nominated R.C. Longworth, retired Tribune reporter, Elizabeth Brackett of WTTW-TV and Roger Ebert. Board accepted the nominations.

FOIA: Susan said Medill’s David Protess has turned over more e-mails to Northwestern University attorneys. Back in court in late-April.

Police credentials: CPD will now accept clippings and other documentation of reportage in lieu of letters from employers of freelancers.

Executive Director’s report: Kathy said Lisagor results are beginning to come in. She needs more judges for our reciprocals. Please volunteer.

Next meeting: 9 a.m. April 8 at Bloomberg

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Stevens

Chicago Headline Club

Treasurer’s Report 3/9/11–Fiscal year end 6/30/11

              We started the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010 with assets of $104,762.89

                                                                               11/11/10          3/9/11       

                 Our current assets are checking acct. $19,971.10      $38,164.54

                  DWS Govt. Money Fund                     75,125.66        75,128.06

                                           Total Assets              $95,096.76    $113,292.60

$5,000 is restricted toward a future grant to Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists                     

Chicago Headline Club Foundation

Treasurer’s Report 3/9/11

Assets as of 3/9/11: $66,181.96 of which $28,827 is restricted

( $15,145 is McCormick survey grant, 

 $7,432 from Driehaus, $6,250 Les Brownlee Fund) 

Expenditures(SPJ year):

Driehaus Watchdog awards      $4,500

Illinois annual fees                          25

Sarah Ostman internship             2,500

Scribe aid                                     1,581

U of I Survey                              24,855

Income(SPJ year):

Scribe aid                                      1,581

McCormick survey grant            40,000

McDougall/Brownlee event             355

Les Brownlee Fund                        6,250