Board Minutes – 06/2011


President’s Breakfast & Annual planning meeting

June 25, 2011

President Susan Stevens called the meeting to order at Manny’s Deli at 9:20 am.

Present: Susan Stevens, Flynn McRoberts, Jon Seidel, Aimee DeBat, Kathy Catrambone, Anna Tarkov, Brian Pitts, Rumanna Hussain, Alden Loury, Abdon Pallasch, Howard Dubin, Odette Yousef, Steve Franklin and Gary Kopycinski.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Susan thanked Kathy Catrambone for staying on as executive director. Also thanks for the e-vote to retain Kathy. And thank you to the departing Board members.

SPJ CONVENTION: Steve Franklin, Alden Loury and Beth Konrad are going on free passes. We have three because of our membership recruitment numbers; we might have more because we are a four-star chapter. Howard Dublin and Susan Stevens will attend and pay their own registrations. Randi Belisomo expressed an interest in attending as well.

BYLAW REVISIONS: A committee of John Duncan, Bonnie McGrath, Howard Dubin and Susan Stevens have gone over the bylaws. Hope to have ready for next meeting. Monthly Board meetings are open to all members. 

JOHN MCCLELLAND is digitizing the Headline Club newsletter. Archives of the newsletter since 1998 will be at the Newberry library.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR”S REPORT: Kathy said the event took in $45,165. There were 281 dinners as compared to last year’s 257. There were 574 contest entries compared to 494 last year. We spent about $25,000, so the club made a profit of $20,145. So membership is up and entries were up, so next year should be even better. We had more Corp tables than ever this year, about twice the number as last year. 

SUSAN: We have 401 members now. Membership hasn’t been this high in years.

MAY BOARD MEETING MINUTES: Approved unanimously.


Here’s how we stand in fiscal year 7/1/10-6/30/11 with one week to go:

Income: $52,863.36

Expenses: 48,992.70

Surplus $ 3,870.66 

Here’s the fiscal update on Lisagor:

Income: $47,798.36

Expenses: 25,395.66

Surplus $22,402.70–basically, this is the money we have to run the club in coming year with the membership income covering all other expenses except executive director

Summary of current fiscal year with one week to go:


Lisagor $47,798.36

Member dues 5,065.00

Total $52,863.36


Executive director $15,750.00

Telephone 796.85

Website 1,340.80

Insurance 458.36

Lisagor 25,395.66

Membership 1,103.00

Credit card bank fees 1,120.39

Donation to CHC Fund 2,500.00

Ad Commun Wkshp 400.00

Misc. 127.64

Total $48,992.70

Total CHC assets and current bank balance: $107,056.73

4. Active committees are important to the strength of the club. The following committee assignments were made. Look for your name; you may have been chosen even if you were not at the meeting. We will continue to discuss committee structure at the August meeting.

Chair, Amy Lee (she also is Programming VP)
Members: Aimee DeBat, Brian Pitts, and at least one more member, a volunteer that Amy is bringing in the fold
also, marketing and publicity will be part of this committee; Anna Tarkov will be the club’s Twitter guru.

Chair, Rummana Hussain (she also is Membership VP)
A diversity recruitment subcommittee was named: Alden Loury, Odett Yousef, Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, and Gabby …. someone has volunteered in the past, we will find her name and contact info.

Chair, Steve Franklin, CHC pres
Assistant: Kathy Catrambone, exec director
Members: Flynn McRoberts, treasurer; Rob Elder, Abdon Pallasch, Jon Seidel; other board members may be asked; also looking for two volunteers from members who are not on the board.

Chair, Randi Belisomo, board member

Steve Franklin will give the board names of possible other committee members who are not board members

Brian Pitts is in charge of planning an event just for networking or sometime this summer; he will work with Program and Membership committees

Scribe Aid
The first event was successful; Flynn McRoberts will plan another one for September; he will work with the Program Committee