FOIA request will release post-conviction DNA test results

And in Richmond, Va., FOIA requests from the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project will lead to the release of 78 post-conviction DNA test results on July 1. From the Times-Dispatch:

An amendment to the state budget, passed by the General Assembly last month, directs the release of the reports unless prosecutors deem them critical to a current investigation.

The forensic science department had previously refused to release the information to the Times-Dispatch and the Innocence Project, citing its discretion under an FOI exemption. But now, in light of the budget amendment, it is preparing to comply with FOIA requests submitted after July 1, Jaspen said.

Wednesday’s development comes in the wake of a Williamsburg case first reported in The Times-Dispatch in February, in which DNA testing cleared Bennett S. Barbour, 56, of a 1978 rape and implicated another man who will be tried in August.”

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