Board Minutes – 09/2012

Chicago Headline Club

Board of Directors meeting

Fri. Sept. 9, 2012

President Aldon Loury called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Present: Alden, Hugh Delios, Dann Gire, Howard Dubin, Mary Wisniewski, Rob Elder, Kristen Schorsch, Steve Franklin, Angela Caputo, Odette Yousef, Aimee DeBat, Susan S. Stevens, Casey Bukro, and by phone, Beth Konrad, Flynn McRoberts and Rummana Hussain.

President’s report: Alden noted the SPJ convention comes up late this month and asked if anyone else is attending. He, Beth, Howard and Susan will go. Alden and Beth will get 35 percent off on registration, a discount SPJ offered for two people in our chapter.

Alden talked with Regional Director Liz Hansen, who each quarter contacts each chapter in Region 5 to find out how they are doing and offer suggestions. With the current membership push under way, Liz suggested we contact non-CHC affiliates across Illinois and college students. She said Vicki Katz in Springfield, a former regional director, might help recruit downstaters.

Minutes from last meeting: approved.

FOIA: Alden reported for absent FOIA VP Fernando Diaz that the FOIA site is a day or two away from going live. The developer has all the content. That the two of them met with our blogger to discuss content of the site. They want conversation, community-building, a weekly roundup, growing our own post based on what people have to say. Open to contributions! Contact Fernando. We need to market the new FOIA initiatives.

Programs: Odette said the election-prep panel program appears to have fallen through because political reporters could not be enlisted. Mary hopes to have a climate change program in January or February. Lolly Bowean said $1,580 has been contributed for Sunday’s race, and hopes to hit $2,000. Rob will put together Career Survival 101 for October, but needs a date and place. We will co-sponsor the Community Media Workshop’s Oct. 5 program on what the election means to black, Hispanic and ethnic groups.

Beth welcomed the idea of new partnerships, and said Loyola would be pleased to have us as co-sponsors of events. Several board members urged more partnerships. Boosts attendance for them and us.

Membership: Aimee reported for Rummana, who joined us later: She has been making lots of calls, having other people make calls. Rummana said all the Lisagor non-members have been contacted. Alden noted this month is the national membership drive. He has written a letter for Rummana to send to targeted journalists. Send Rummana your thoughts on how to build membership. Rummana would like to do an event. Beth suggested a good-bye to Aldon Pallasch and Steve Edwards, former board members, as a networking party and membership incentive. Rob suggested asking Lizzie to do social media, an area we have fallen down on.

Website: Aimee said Jon Seidel has been too involved in trials to do updates, but will shortly. Steve offered to help Jon. Mary offered again to do the JobFile, which has not been updated since Aug. 10 though it should be weekly and is probably the major reason people look at

Treasurer’s report: none.

Ethics AdviceLine: Casey reported Ilyce Glink has trimmed her proposal from $35,500 to $25,000 in response to our concerns and has discounted as much as she can. Her usual charge is $150 an hour; she is offering us $75. Her proposal includes marketing. Rob said he thought some things were overpriced and suggested bids be let. He and Casey will meet next week. Mary asked that action be taken at next month’s board meeting.

CHC Foundation: Susan said we raised about $1,100 at the annual Brownlee picnic-party despite rainy weather. Attendance was about 50. Howard and Susan were the only CHC board members to attend; both also are on the CHCF board. This was a great networking opportunity, as always.

Lovejoy Memorial: Susan said the Alton committee, despite our $500 contribution, has been unable to come up with enough funds to replace the stolen monument making the journalism martyr’s site a Sigma Delta Chi national landmark. Our money will go toward three roadside markers. Elijah Lovejoy was murdered and his presses destroyed 175 years ago.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Next meeting: 9 a.m. Fri. Oct. 5 at Bloomberg.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Stevens