Board Minutes – 10/2012

Chicago Headline Club

Board of Directors meeting

Fri. Oct. 5, 2012

FOI Vice President Fernando Diaz called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. Present: Fernando, Dann Gire, Kristen Schorsch, Steve Franklin, Flynn McRoberts, Alden Loury, Mary Wisniewski, Casey Bukro, Aimee DeBat, Susan S. Stevens and by phone Jon Seidel, Odette Yousef and Rummana Hussain.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved without correction.

Aimee said the race brought in at least $2,250. Flynn said he wrote equal checks of $918.40 to the Literacy Project and the Headline Club Foundation. We will try for a team next year.

Steve said Dreihaus Watchdog grants need more promotion. Fernando will write something for the website and an eblast.

President’s report: Alden said he, Howard Dubin, Beth Konrad and Susan represented CHC at the SPJ convention which had little controversy. Google sessions tanked and he will try to get Google rep to speak again here. Daily Herald’s Teresa Smedding, a convention presenter, offered to do a similar program here. Howard was the subject of an article in the convention’s student-operated newspaper, Working Press. See  HYPERLINK “

FOI: Fernando reported the website is live and working. There also is a Twitter handle and a blogsite. See  HYPERLINK “,  HYPERLINK “ @FOIAIllinois. Fernando said the website needs more content. Fernando and Alden attended a transparency working group composed of 15 organizations, and Fernando is reaching out to them for content and trying to make the site appeal to a wider group than FOIA wonks. Fernando would like to do a FOI Festival around Sunshine Week.

Programs: Odette reported on the Oct. 11 Career Survival event set up by Rob Elder and urged everyone to publicize. Same publicizing is needed for the Nov. 9 Journ Camp organized by SPJ HQs. Susan will reach out to other chapters. Steve and Flynn might do Scribe Aid II in December. Mary plans on a climate change program in January or February.

Discussion of Dann Gire’s request for action to criticize journalists who allow news sources to alter quotes. Board passed a motion, agreeing to issue a statement, to be drafted by Dann and checked by board members via email before publicizing. Susan will forward it to National to see about SPJ issuing a similar statement.

Membership: Rummana said she has reached out to lapsed members and Lisagor entrants. She will touch base with Howard on a membership brochure update. And she will search for 100 middle-managers to send Alden’s recruitment letter. Susan will pitch to student chapters CHC programs.

Website: Jon will play catch-up next week. Let him know quickly your ideas.

Treasurer’s report: Flynn said CHC had $86,156 at the end of September.

Aimee reviewed the BetterBNC contract for $2,875 for online Lisagor entries. Board approved a motion to sign the new contract.

Ethics Advice Line: Board reviewed second design proposal, $7,500 which Rob said should be upped to $8,500 to include maintenance. Fernando said he thought it could be developed for less and has questions he will ask Rob. Steve wants to resolve next month.

Meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.

Next meeting: Nov. 2

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Stevens