Stormy Weather: Covering Climate Change


The Chicago Headline Club Presents:


6:30 p.m.

Thursday, January 31

Cactus Bar and Grill 404 S. Wells St. Chicago


The weather is changing, and no matter what your beat is, you’re going to spend some time in your future covering the effects of climate change. Whether you’re writing about property damage caused by flooding, crop destruction from drought, or deaths from heat exhaustion, you will need to figure out how climate change fits in, and how to talk about it in an intelligent way. This panel will help answer your questions on how to include discussion of climate change in your reporting, and how to fairly navigate the political controversies without spreading misinformation.


David Archer, University of Chicago professor of geophysical sciences. He teaches classes on global warming and environmental chemistry.

Peter Bohan, Chicago bureau chief for Reuters, who has been an editor on agricultural business stories involving climate change issues.

Mark Guarino, staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor, where he covers national news out of the Midwest. His work includes extensive coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its impact on the environment.

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, database and investigative editor for Hoy, who has written about climate change from an international perspective.

Discussion moderated by Reuters National Correspondent Mary Wisniewski


It’s free — bring your friends and stay to ask questions, have a drink, and talk about the future of the world!