Follow That FOIA: Resolution

Thanks for following our FOIA journey, folks! On Jan. 17, exactly two weeks after filing a FOIA request with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General requesting the names and contact info of the state’s FOIA officers, we got ’em, following a request for five more days to come up with the list that was issued Jan. 10.

See the full text of the letter that accompanied our requested data here (22756 Closing Letter-1), or reprinted below:

January 17, 2013
RE: Freedom of Information Act Request 2013 FOIA 22756

Dear Mr. Loury:

Thank you for writing to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General with your
request for information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ( 5 ILCS 140/ 1 et seq. West2010)).

In e- mails received on January 3, 2013, and January 4, 2013, you requested “a copy of the name, title and position, public body, address, city, state, ZIP code, email, and phone number for any and all individuals whobe registered [ for the Office of the Attorney General’s electronic FOIA training]*** since 2010 and who listed a ZIP code of 60601, 60602,60603, 60604 or 60606.”

Pursuant to sections 3(e)( ii) and 3(e)( vi) of FOIA (5 ILCS 140/3(e)( ii), (e)(vi)
West 2010)), we extended the time to respond by five business days on January ] 0, 2013, because the request required the collection of a substantial number of specified records that could not be complied with by this office within the time limits prescribed by FOIA without unduly burdening or interfering with the operations of this office. We have now completed collecting the requested records.

As an initial matter, please be advised that an individual may register for training with the Attorney General’s office for only one public office at a time. Consequently,if a person serves as a public officer for two or more public bodies, the records of this office may not reflect the completion of training for all public offices held by the individual.

In regards to the records we are providing, your request is granted in part and denied in part. We have withheld no records. However, we have redacted ” unique identifiers” as
defined in section 2(o -5) of FOIA (5 ILCS 140/2(o -5)( West 2011 Supp.)) as” private information.” “Private information” is exempt from disclosure under section 7(1)( b) of FOIA. 5 ILCS 140/ 7( 1)( b) ( West 2011 Supp.), as amended by Public Acts 97- 783, effective July 13, 2012; 97-813, effective July 13, 2012. Specifically, we have redacted personal telephone numbers, personal e-mail addresses, and a personal mailing address.

We have also redacted information that is not responsive to your request.
Specifically, we have redacted information regarding Open Meetings Act electronic training. This Act shall be construed to require disclosure of requested information[ (Emphasis added.) 5 ILCS 140/ 1( West 2010). Information in responsive records that is outside the scope of the FOIA request may be redacted. Ill. Att’y Gen. PAC Req. Rev. Ltr. 13992, issued July 1, 2011; Ill. Att’y Gen. PAC Req. Rev. Ltr. 13793, issued June 29, 2011. Accordingly, the indicated information has been redacted.

You have a right to have the partial denial of your request reviewed by the Public Access Counselor ( PAC) at the Office of the Illinois Attomey General.    5 ILCS 140/9. 5( a) ( West 2011 Supp.). You may file your request for review with the PAC by writing to:

Sarah Pratt
Acting Public Access Counselor Office of the Illinois Attomey General 500 South 2nd Street Springfield, Illinois 62706
Fax: ( 217) 782- 1396

If you choose to file a request for review with the PAC, you must do so within 60
calendar days of the date of this partial denial lettec    5 ILCS 140/9.5( a) ( West 2011 Supp.). Please note that you must include a copy of your original FOIA request and of this partial denial letter when filing a request for review with the PAC.

You also have the right to judicial review of your partial denial by filing suit in the appropriate Illinois court. 5 ILCS 140/ 11( West 2010).

Very truly yours,

Assistant Attorney General FOIA Officer