A Dark Day at the Chicago Sun-Times

A Dark Day at the Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Headline Club condemns the Sun-Times Media Group’s decision this week to lay off its entire photo staff.

This move will ultimately compromise the ability of the storied and award-winning Chicago Sun-Times, which anchors the company, to properly cover its subjects and illustrate our city. 

Several months ago, leadership of the Chicago Newspaper Guild approached the Chicago Headline Club warning of major cuts at the paper based on efforts to reduce costs. 

This is not the way to cut your way to profitability or growth.

As the Sun-Times moves toward its stated goal of increasing video content, the Chicago Headline Club urges its management to consider first providing opportunities to its photography personnel, given that cutting them not only eliminated paychecks, but decades — if not a century — of institutional knowledge and all the stories that come with it.

The Chicago Headline Club is ready, willing and able to support the former members of the photo staff of the Sun-Times Media Group in any way we can.