Lisagor, Lifetime, Watchdog, Keegan: enter by Jan. 20

Q&A: How and where to enter, ship, phone, etc!

Due to the number of questions being asked about how to enter the Lisagor contest, the Chicago Headline Club has decided to extend the deadline by one week in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to get their issues resolved. The contest deadline is now the end of the day Tuesday, January 20.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the contest:

Q: I have an entire newspaper to submit for general excellence. Or, I have a check or something else I need to mail to you via USPS. Where should I send mail to the
   Chicago Headline Club?
Attn: Mary Wisniewski
   311 South Wacker Dr. 12th floor
   Chicago, IL 60606
Q: Online site says my entry was not approved. What does that mean?
A: When you request to make an entry, the system sends the administrator an e-mail, who has to approve you. This may be immediate, or it may take a few hours.

Q: Why won’t it accept my payment?
A: Our Better BNC representative said the payment function should be working properly. When you open the page that lists your entries, you should check each one, and it should give you the total cost. You can click the button that says “pay by check” or “pay with a card.” If you have trouble, you can fill out a “trouble ticket” on the web site and the administrator can work it through.

Q: Questions about anything else.
A: Fill out the trouble ticket in the page “Contact Better BNC” which is on the top right corner of every page. If that doesn’t work, you can call the number given there.

Enter here:
Category information can be found in our Lisagor2014 brochure.

Also nominate, without entry fees:
— the colleague you most respect for our Lifetime Achievement Award:
— your best investigative work for our Watchdog Award:
— the journalist who writes most sensitively about the “little people” for the Anne Keegan Award:

Awards for 2014 will be presented the Chicago Headline Club banquet May 8, 2015 at the Union League Club of Chicago.