Bill would private college police departments to comply with FOIA

A bill filed Feb. 27 by Illinois  House Representaives Christian Mitchell (D-26) and Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) would require police and security departments operated by private colleges and universities to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

HB3932 provides an amendment to the Private College Campus Police Act requiring those departments to adhere to the FOIA.

The proposed amendment, filed Feb. 27,  had its first reading and was sent to the Rules Committee.  Currie chairs the Rules Committee.

As submitted, the bill  “Amends the Private College Campus Police Act. Provides that a campus police department subject to this Act shall disclose to the public any information that a law enforcement agency would have to disclose under the Freedom of Information Act.”

The Chicago Maroon posted the story on its web site March 6.