Chicago Headline Club board minutes for Oct. 6 meeting

Chicago Headline Club
Oct. 6, 2017 meeting

In-Person attendees:
Ben Meyerson, Flynn McRoberts, Mike Ewing, Patrick Boylan, Jason Martin, Susan Stevens, Stan Zoller.

Call-in attendees:
Brandis Friedman, Rob Elder, Alejandra Cancino, Howard Dubin

Meeting was called to order by Meyerson at 9:06 a.m. Quorum established.

Motion made to approve by Meyerson, seconded by Zoller

President’s report:
Meyerson cited the September 26th program featuring Mary Schmich. Eighteen people attended. Meyerson noted, however, that Alejandra handled everything by herself and urged Board members to attend programs and to help whenever possible.

Treasurer’s Report:
Full details have been sent to the entire Board. In summary, according to treasurer Patrick Boylan,
Checking $48,228,58 (10/1/17) vs $19,424.00 (9/1/17)
Savings: $35,025.49 (10/1/17) vs $45,024.07 (9/1/17)
Cash: $90 (10/1/17) vs. $90 (9/1/17)
EventBrite: $140 (10/1/17) vs. 0 (9/1/17)
PayPal: $1,000 (10/1/17) vs. $29, 568.47 (9/1/17)
Total Assets: $94,819.82 (10/1/17) vs. $94,460.20 (9/1/17)

Secretary’s report:

Membership Report
Friedman reported that she attended sessions at EIJ17 on membership recruitment.
She added that she would like the membership brochure revised and updated. Dubin said he was working on one at no cost to the CHC.
Friedman to send Dubin her ideas. He has a mini designer
Dubin was looking for design help. Ewing volunteered to help if needed.

Cancino echoed Meyerson’s previous request for help at events.
She is working on a screening of “Obit” on Dec. 1 at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Cost to be determined.
Some discussion about a program, Q & A or panel. Consensus was it would not work well because of timing, etc.

FOIAFest committee had a planning call. Event is Feb. 24.
Grant application submitted to McCormick;
$20k for FOIAFest 2018 & 19
$5k for revamping
Google form going to members shortly seeking input for topics and presenters.
FYI – IRE is in Chicago in March of 2018.
Elder encouraged more outreach.
Ewing will join FOIAFest committee.

Met Monday, Oct. 2
Lengthy discussion about organizations like IPI. Organizations that have primarily an advocacy or PR focus will not be eligible
Dropping some categories like Daily non-deadline; but retaining feature and in-depth.
Split features into two categories; single and feature series
TV entries still very weak. More outreach to TV newsrooms suggested.
Sports coverage combined into one category.
Instead of multiple “best broadcast,” there will be one category for best newscast.

Materials being updated.
Deadline will coincide with Lisagor entries.
Suggested judges have investigative background.
A couple of applications for Watchdog funding.

FOIAFest videos are up on
Some materials need to be redesigned and updated.
Record of EIJ info. posted.
CHCF materials need to be tweaked and posted.

Social Media
Greater use of Facebook
Posting of member’s work on Twitter being considered.

Old Business
Lisagor Plaques are finished.
EIJ17 updates:
Florida chapter had Fake News game. May adapt for future CHC program.
Larger chapter – CHC won Region V and was national finalist.
Discussion of expanding national awards for student chapter.
Help wanted:
Executive Director
Director of Fund Raising.
Region conference may work with Google News Lab event.
DePaul chapter won award.
One chapter reported dropping dues. If CHC did that, it would cost about $12k a year.
Ben talk with national czars about easier sign-up.
CJA merger:
Not much new. Its annual awards dinner is in November. Tickets are $125 ($99 for retirees)

News Business
$500 sponsorship in the Media Bowling League was unanimously approved. The 16-team league is held at Fireside Bowling.
Meyerson and Zoller talked with Wendy Wallace of Poynter. Poynter is applying for a McCormick grant and wants to write in $5,000 for CHC to be “Chicago connection/resource.” No cost or obligation to CHC except to help Poynter with future events.
Zoller reported on confiscation of student newspaper at Evanston Twp. High School. He’ll be at Board meeting Monday (10/9/17).
Zoller said national conference of the Journalism Education Association will be in Chicago in November 2018. There may be some opportunities for CHC to work with JEA local committee.
Zoller said CHC judged SOY entries for NSPA and ACP. He will talk with executive director about process and other issues.
At 10:36

Next meeting:
Friday, Nov. 3 at Bloomberg