CHC Foundation Board Minutes: December 17, 2018

Board of Directors meeting
Dec. 17, 2018

President Stan Zoller called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. Also present: Howard Dubin, Rob Hess, Diane Monk McClelland, John McClelland and Susan S. Stevens.

Motion passed to update a brochure to attract new members of the Headline Club and promote the foundation. Give Stan your ideas. He has Susan’s. He also will consult with CHC Membership VP Rob Elder.

Facebook: Board member Bob Chiarito has had extensive discussions with Karen Kring to try to get her to remove herself as the CHCF FB administrator, to no avail. Rob will see Kring Friday and press the issue. If Rob and Karen don’t meet Friday, Rob will phone her. He will report back to Stan.

Scholarship: Dann Gire offered to handle the Brownlee Scholarship again next year. Stan will consult with Dann.

Promotions: Susan will write an end-of-year appeal for contributions, to be sent to the CHC eblast list and Priscilla Ruth MacDougall’s Brownlee party list.

Minutes: Those from the last meeting were approved.

Intern funding: Rob asked about procedures on the last grant and sought follow-ups. Stan will contact Chicago Ambassador and Susan will contact Block Club to see what their interns have done.

Auction/sale: Board agreed that Susan will ask the Lisagor Committee if CHCF can sell stuff at the next banquet. Former CHC President Barbara Schleck has given her dozens of programs and a dozen coffee mugs left over from a 1980s national convention here. Susan also has a box of other stuff she has collected, including some copies of the Chicago Daily News that Priscilla gave her. A sale can bring in a couple hundred dollars and raise our profile.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Stevens, secretary

P.S. – Priscilla has another surgery scheduled Dec. 19. Give her your best wishes!