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Self-Care Tips For Journalists

May 31, 2019 admin 0

Self-care tips for journalists: Journalists who cover trauma can suffer after-effects, writes Kari Cobham. Pay attention to your mind and body, she writes. Consider therapy, exercise and help from friends.   Visit the Ethics AdviceLine blog for more.

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The Facebook Effect

May 28, 2019 admin 0

The Facebook effect: Users often think they are immune to negative influences of social media, while others are not, writes Joseph B. Walther. “That paradox helps explain why more than 2 billion people continue to use the site each month,” writes Walther, “and it also helps explain what’s behind the […]

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Using Drones In Journalism

May 29, 2019 admin 0

Using drones in journalism: Newsrooms need policies on using drones, according to a Center for Journalism Ethics report. “While news organizations and individual journalists are safely integrating drones into their daily operations, as well as the national airspace, it is crucial to remember that this evolving technology still faces many […]

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AP Tweets On Term “Racist.”

May 30, 2019 admin 0

AP tweets on term “racist.” In a series of tweets, AP explains its style usage. “In general, avoid using racist or any other label as a noun for a person; it’s far harder to match the complexity of a person to a definition or label than it is a statement […]

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Liar’s Dividend Explained

May 27, 2019 admin 0

Liar’s dividend explained: Exposing lies can have an unsettling backlash, writes Kelly McBride. “Debunking fake or manipulated material like videos, audios or documents ultimately could stoke belief in the fakery,” she writes, making it harder for the public to trust the media. Collaboration by media could help.   Visit […]

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Evaluating Medical Studies

May 23, 2019 admin 0

Evaluating medical studies: Journalists should consider newsworthiness, methodology and categories of studies before covering them, writes Chloe Reichel, who offers a tip sheet. “With the amount of research published on a daily basis, journalists have to work to discern what’s worth covering,” she writes.     Visit the Ethics […]

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SF Police Sow Suspicion of Media

May 24, 2019 admin 0

SF police sow suspicion of media: The heavy-handed seizure of a freelance reporter’s records and devices is a gross violation of federal rules, writes Kelly McBride. “By continuing to argue publicly that their raid was justified, and that this particular journalist is a bad person who shouldn’t be trusted, the […]

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Philanthropy Boosts Western Media

May 22, 2019 admin 0

Philanthropy boosts western media: A journalism collaboration stretching from Montana to New Mexico focuses on rural issues and Native American stories, writes Christine Schmidt. A partnership started in 2015 aims to make local newspapers and TV stations useful sources of information. Visit the Ethics AdviceLine blog for more.

New board members of the Chicago Headline Club

May 22, 2019 admin 0

Please help us welcome the new board, which was just voted in at the Lisagor Awards this month. The new officers will begin their term in July. Officers Robert K. Elder, Blockchain News, President Alex Hernandez, President-elect and VP of membership Maria Zamudio, WBEZ, VP of FOIA Mike Ewing, WGN-TV, […]

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Opinion In The News

May 17, 2019 admin 0

Opinion in the news: It’s a split decision when RAND looked at media objectivity, reports Laura Hazard Owen. Journalism became more subjective over time, she writes. But it depends on the type of journalism. “Newspapers reporting remains much as it was before the Web — but both TV and online […]